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Do you know shipwrecks? A tragic incident occurred in the French city of Sayan. According to officials, two young men, 17 and 15, were riding their bicycles towards Crest when they collided with two cars on a Saiyan zebra crossing. Ambulances and rescue workers have arrived on the scene. Roads were closed to support rescue operations.

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Motorcycle accident in Saiyan

Reported on Wednesday at 7:20 am to RD93 near Saiyan. Two teenagers, aged 15 and 17, were on a 50cc scooter when they collided with two vehicles heading towards Crest on the Cylance Bypass, according to people familiar with the matter.

Both teens suffered from heart and lung disease. Rescuers and first responders arrived on the scene to provide first aid. Roads were closed to facilitate rescue operations. Despite the efforts of the rescue team, two teenagers have been killed in an accident in Saiyan Drome.

Saiyan Drome in France

Police have not released names of people injured or killed in fatal traffic accidents.

Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, including driver error, negligence, and even irresponsible speeding. Young people today are aware of everyday accidents, but do not drive responsibly. Young people today should be aware that an accident not only kills them, but also puts their loved ones in a difficult position.

Shipwreck information

At this time, Saiyan Police Station does not know the details of the accident. There are still horses at the police station. He did not provide details on the number of injuries or deaths in the accident. However, the police have not released the status or even personal information of the two drivers. We will notify you when such information becomes available.

Due to the low accident rate, Saiyan has never been to the crash site. However, you must be careful while driving.

He fell in the Saiyan Drome

This paper currently focuses on the Saiyan accident. According to the police, the young man’s motorcycle was out of balance and he suddenly collided with the vehicle in front and then again with the second car. The accident turned out to be very tragic: despite the rescuer’s immediate response, the two young men could not be rescued.

Drive carefully because of this accident.

final decision

By summarizing the aftermath of the accident, we have provided our readers with specific details of the accident. See this link for more information about this crash.


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