The following article provides all the details on Abby and Libby’s autopsy results and the crime scene mystery.

Who killed Abby? Is there any way to stop this? USA 2017 Investigation for the last five years. Although several suspects were tested, no confirmed results were obtained.

Soon, the police found strong evidence pointing to the main suspects. Stay tuned to this blog for autopsy results on Abby and Libby and the killer.

What does the autopsy report say regarding the reason for death?

As per the media, the police keep all posthumous reports secret. They didn’t refresh the way that his family says the police have insightful DNA proof that could be utilized to distinguish the genuine guilty party.

We also have to mention the latest news about this tragic event.

The deaths of Abby and Libby. check out the latest update

Suspect Richer Allen refused to confess to the crime. He had good reason to be busy. After a five-year investigation, police found video evidence of the culprit.

Libby kept a video of this incident on her phone. The police find the video and identify Libby and Abby’s killer.

Abby and Libby were killed

From the video, they created an image of a male model with the help of a sketch artist. In the video, the man is wearing blue jeans and a dark blue jacket. Although he did not follow the youth for long, his short video provides enough evidence to support the case of Delphi’s murder.

Police are not releasing the name of the killer or photos from the crime scene. It was not possible to find a link on the social network for the girls, but Ellen’s Facebook page helps to remove doubts.

Abby Williams, Libby German

Abby and Libby are 13 years old from Delphi, Indiana. Both died in February 2017. Both teenagers were in 8th grade and were on vacation.

They decided to hit the streets and historic sites of Delphi, and Libby’s brother dropped the couple off on Hartland Highway (County Road 300) at 1:05 p.m. He was walking when he was last seen. The cause of Abby and Libby’s death remains shrouded in mystery and remains unsolved.


On October 31, 2022, a press conference was held where the murder investigation was discussed. Authorities announced that Allen had been arrested for the girls’ murder.

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