This exciting A-60 Doors Roblox story takes you on a terrifying story through the most exciting gaming platform.

What is A-60 in Roblox and how does it work? Have you ever tried to hack a roblox gate? A-60 is one of the monsters found in the rooms. It starts to generate when a member unlocks or opens Gate 60. When Larry’s warriors experience the slightest noise, it causes PTSD.

Roblox users all over the world want to know more about Roblox. Let’s take a look at the A-60 Doors Roblox guide below.

About Roblox

A-60 will appear randomly when participants complete a 60 around the perimeter of the room. A-001 appears and starts tracking all members who are not in the private room. Makes a static/rotating noise. A weak voice from the party. Bhoot did not listen to the so-called

After a certain amount of time, when all players are locked, it will stop appearing. The more A-60 hits, the faster it moves.

Roblox Monsters door.

The A-60 is very fast, so you can hear every sound. In the 60s the noise is louder on approach than at any other speed.

Attendees should listen to A-60 when entering rooms with easy-access closets. Avoid running on metal floor areas when you hear footsteps. If you want to know more about roblox doors, keep reading.

A-60 Roblox door.

When traveling with other members, form a team of two players to let everyone choose the outfit.

Ghost team members can exit the screen to locate the A-60. Since ROOMS does not store messages or data, in-game messaging services cannot be used. You can see all the messages you have received by browsing the mailboxes of each member who sent them.

Roblox Door Wiki:

  • RediblesQW (Lightning_Splash), creator of the Roblox gateway
  • GhostlyWowzers provides additional support for creation
  • March 2021 is the month of creation
  • Horror and genre

Following the success of Apeirophobia, MImic, and MImic, Roblox has added Doors to its collection of survival/horror games.


Participants must escape from a haunted hotel while exploring and avoiding terrifying monsters.

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