Welcome to 2048 Cards – Solitaire Shuffle

2048 Cards – Merge Solitaire is a basic game where you win prizes by rearranging cards of a similar number.

Tapping on two indistinguishable cards will make two cards and you can get coins or prizes.

The objective is to open card number 2048. Trust you can get your cash back.

2048 Cards is one more habit-forming game made by a bowling app called Bowling Idol. This product is called 2048 Solitaire for reasons unknown.

Tragically, since the app is still in its early stages, players can’t share their encounters and criticism on Google Play.

Relax! If you have any desire to play 2048 Cards and depart your considerations, if it’s not too much trouble, share your contemplations in the remark area underneath.

How does the 2048 card program work?

2048 Card is allowed to use on Android gadgets. Subsequent to beginning the game, click the “Play” button.

How to play 2048 card?

Swipe up from the lower part of the card and snap on a similar number/variety card.

A blend of two single-digit cards replaces a two-digit card. For instance, two decks of 64 cards are 128 cards. Coin or virtual cash pools by connecting cards together.

Keep in mind, you can gather virtual cash by watching recordings. You can skip it and keep playing, however for this situation there will be no award.

A decent methodology is to keep the numbers steady. For instance, assuming you really want to draw 64 cards, you ought to put them after 128 cards. Since, in such a case that you add two 64 cards, the new 128 cards will naturally be 256 cards with the old cards.

The game finishes when the cards arrive at the most extreme. Notwithstanding, you can restart the game whenever and keep gathering rewards.

Is the 2048 card substantial? do you pay

I think 2048 Card works like other apps reviewed on my blog. You pay a ton from the beginning, however when you draw near to $200 you just get 1%.

Accordingly, it might take surprisingly lengthy to meet the base payout and stop prior to coming to $200. This is a shrewd system to increment promotion assortment and produce more income.

Each game acts in an unexpected way, and it is hard to foresee what will befall 2048 cards over a significant stretch of time. You might procure the lowest pay permitted by law, yet that doesn’t mean the organization will pay you.

Virtual money/money has no genuine worth and the organization has no commitment to change over the money into actual products. So on the off chance that you don’t pay on your 2048 card, it’s anything but a trick.


2048 Cards (otherwise called 2048 Solitaire) is like other solitaire games you can find on Google Play or the App Store. The primary distinction is that you can utilize it to bring in genuine cash. From a certain perspective!

It’s an extraordinary game to take a break and you don’t have to pay attention to a ton of promotions if you would rather not gather virtual cash.

Sadly, you might need to play 2048 cards from now into the indefinite future quite a while to arrive at the base $200 or coins. Since the more you play, the less you win. Installment after weeks or months isn’t ensured!

Acquire gross pay on the web

On the off chance that you are searching for the opportunity to bring in cash all alone, beginning a web-based business is smart.

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final word

Gratitude for perusing our 2048 Card app review. Trust this makes a difference!

Did you get your cash back? Assuming this is the case, did you pay? Share your involvement with the remarks beneath.


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