Ad (now called PaidWork) is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that promises to pay for a small amount of work and get a job. I am a full-time member.

But is it a legitimate ad that wastes time or a fraudulent website?

Please check before registering anywhere. After all, you don’t want to waste your time visiting sites that you don’t pay for.

I wrote it myself, tested it, and compared the hundreds of free online money strategies I’ve tried over the last few years.

You can use this ad review to see how good your site is and whether you can increase the number of claims you make.

Therefore, if you want to get involved, it’s a good idea to read this article first to get an idea of ​​exactly what you expect.

What is the Advertising / Provided Service? What do you offer?

Skip the name.

This platform has been called advertising for many years. But she recently changed her name to salary. There is a theory of why she changed her name. I will share it later.

The website address is currently, but there are still ads. So I will continue to use the original name in this review.

As mentioned above, Ads is her GPT site and pays for microservices and other features. The site states that full-time or hourly work is offered to everyone in all countries.

It was a huge claim and didn’t seem to be claimed in many places, which bothered me at first.

But we will learn about the real possibilities of getting it later.

First, let’s take a look at how the site works and how to make money by providing it. Try your ad for the first time, and then start with the significant changes and improvements in your ad. But that doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Better than when I enter.

Option 1-Watch movies and ads

Advertising has changed all aspects of making money since it was first tried a few years ago. To be honest, it’s good that they try to fix it. I didn’t like what they had before.

You can watch the video just by clicking the button you can see in the image above.

Video is a 30 second long video ad that is used by most apps.

Therefore, this financial option is only available through the advertising application (or), not the website.

It takes a little patience to make money because you receive over 1% per video, but it’s better than you can get on other paid video viewing sites.

Be careful and don’t believe what you see in these apps, as ads can be spampy and are for apps that aren’t generally recommended.

Why did you change the name to

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Zaleklmay renamed it Pay Money.

There are several reasons why a platform chooses to change its own name, and I can’t say why.

However, my post began to receive a lot of criticism online, and many shared negative comments about both me and the YouTube channel.

So if you rename it, I think it’s another platform for beginners looking for information before registering.

Of course, I can’t say why Zaleklmay changed his name to Pay. But no matter what they say, I find that they haven’t used the rename yet to provide something and improve the website. So, if you look at Zaleklamy’s review, it’s the same platform and I can get it. Assure.

final decision

Promotional / paid tasks are GPT sites that pay to complete small or other tasks. There are some positives, but there are also negatives to consider.

Explain this review with its strengths and weaknesses, give you a better idea of ​​what your site offers, and decide if it’s a good place to participate.


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