The article provides information about the shopping site that performs well. This will help you answer your question whether Zabnero is legit or not.

Are you a new parent? Being a father is one of the greatest blessings in the world. But with this joy comes anxiety and responsibility. Many people are confused at the beginning of a new phase of their life because there are so many things to manage.

country like America. The United States supports parents by providing many resources. However, we need to know that Zabnero is legit before accepting their offer.

How reliable is the site?

Parents need to understand that there is something more important than the safety of the child. Therefore, before buying anything for your child, the following legal checks can help you ensure the reliability of their products.

Date of registration: 29-11-2021
Contact Number: Only the phone number that appears on the page.
Age of the site The age of the site is three months.
The name of the site owner has no details about this issue.
Privacy Policy: Incorrect Content
Trust Test Score: The site has a trust test score of 11%.
Zabnero’s comments in com There are no comments for this site.
Website Authenticity A website has a minimum amount of content equivalent to a website.
Legal address: no address.
Payment Details: The only payment method accepted is PayPal
Social media accounts The social media links on the site are fake and the site has no account
There is no reason to ask for information that site support is not an option because it is illegal.

General view is an online store aimed at children. True or False research on shows that on this site you will find walkers, car seats, high chairs and swings, as well as jumping platforms and more. The site has a wide variety and you will find many options in each category.

It is a little strange to note that the brand name does not match the domain name, which raises doubts about its authenticity. However, the site currently has a too-good-to-be-true sale. However, if we consider the initial price of the product, it seems very expensive. Also, both the original price and the discounted price are incorrect.

Site Specifications

Site link:
Zabnero Comments on com There are no comments
Address Information This address is not a business address.
Call toll free: 1-800-345-4109
Email Address An email address was not found on the site.
Working days are from Monday to Friday.
The working hours are from 9:00. Until 5:00 to work in this company.
Shipping Methods Shipping Methods: Standard Shipping and VIP Shipping are available.
Shipping Cost: Varies depending on the shipping method used
International Orders: Worldwide Shipping
Free Standard Shipping Free shipping costs
The return terms are not sure
Return rates: Not yet known
Refund details: Not mentioned
Legit Exchange: Some information is missing, leading us to believe that Zabnero com is a Legitimate company?

Removal Policy: There is no evidence of this.
No activity: Available on social media

Good list of products

  • International delivery is possible.
  • The product specifications are detailed
  • There is a wide variety of products
  • Free shipping is provided

List of defects

  • No advice on politics
  • The popularity of the brand is unknown.
  • It has a number of contradictory and false information
  • The site contains fake links with no real information.
  • The discount price is incorrect.
  • There are no reviews.

Customer comments about Zabnero com Legit?

When it comes to online shopping in a store, we all try to get feedback from other customers to verify the products on this website. But this is not possible in this particular place. The site does not allow customers to write reviews about their products, including shopping baskets.

While the website lists several social media sites in its statistics, no site actually reaches out to these links. So, it can be useful for you to know how to get a refund on your credit card.


The fact that there are so many fake links and the lack of necessary information that would decide this case is exactly right that Zabnero Com is legitimate. That’s why we recommend that you stay away from these sites and learn everything you need to know about Paypal scams. You can also share your experience with one of these tricks in the comments section below.


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