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Are you the most anxious person at work? Do you think the work environment increases employee productivity? We tend to see big buildings, water parks, etc. to overlook, but there are some places where employees go to do their work and we don’t focus on those areas.

So our publication has given us the opportunity to focus on different works, but we need the help of writers to publish each piece. We are pleased to introduce you to our article The Book for the Workplace.

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We not only focus on trending content to get more searches and web traffic, but also publish articles that help readers’ lives. So here is our diverse list of topics; maternal health, natural health, environment, business strategy, technological innovation, law, legal aid, product reviews, political news, work culture, lifestyle, online reviews and more. Reviewing products and websites prevents readers from falling for bad or unwanted content. In order for all employees to benefit from this, we want to show the topics in the job interview from a new perspective.

Instructions and Requirements “Write a special ad for us on the workplace blog

A job refers to where a person works and is paid in return by an employer. But in this case it has become an interesting situation for many people to find a good job because of the difficulties and problems related to daily work. So we asked the authors to answer the questions of a typical employee. Employees should range from senior managers to housekeepers.

  • Professionals in leadership positions can learn about employment benefits and their types. Because they are experienced, they can come up with new ideas.
  • We don’t expect a specific graduate to write this book for us + workplace blog article because work experience speaks louder than a degree here, so people feel more knowledgeable about workplace maintenance to give it a try .
  • Professors and senior researchers can provide the work of the future, its use and effectiveness, because after the end of COVID-19, our home will become a workplace.
  • The subjects offered are economic sectors and their functions; good at work; workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, low wages, politics, harassment, surveillance; business research; good work in the world; women’s workplaces and childcare centers; Equality.
  • Write for Us job blog topics may also focus on jobs for low-wage workers and their legal rights.
  • Writers can choose workplace issues that should be addressed for everyone, including men and the LGBTQ community.

Data management

  • Content may not promote any business or disparage any particular business.
  • The words depend on the topic. But each article must be at least 500 words.
  • Writers should use grammar checking tools to check their grammar mistakes. People often make mistakes, but growth happens when we recognize and correct them. Please please.
  • We recommend Write For Us + “Workplace Blogs” that don’t use notebooks or word processors to write documents.
  • Try using software to create graphs, charts and tables.
  • Computerization is not allowed.
  • It must be submitted with respect. This is a general idea; this applies to all writing, because education attracts a constant readership.


  • Our website serves as a springboard to greater opportunities.
  • Today we guide our writers to use SEO rules. Even if they don’t know the rules, our team guides them. so they can familiarize themselves with SEO rules and make their articles work with us to reach a larger audience.

How to send

Manuscript submissions will be accepted if they are sent to us using the email team22.marifilmines@gmail.com. Authors are not required to submit their manuscripts in PDF format as our editorial team must make some corrections to the selected manuscripts before publication.

All questions will be answered, but it will take some time. If you want, authors can add a biography, which helps us learn more about what the character wrote. But it is not mandatory.


We want to re-emphasize an important principle when it comes to workplace writing: don’t repeat someone else’s work; It is unprofessional behavior. So writers can be confident and believe in their abilities. We grow by correcting and correcting our mistakes. Thank you for your interest; It’s so heartbreaking.

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