The article covers the basic protocols of the Write for Us web store and gives you a complete overview of this particular job and its protocols.

Do you have an idea for an online store? Do you know how effective online stores are in our daily lives? But still, these stores need proper advertising activities. For this reason, these stores engage in blog marketing. Many online store companies carry out promotional activities through blogs, articles and newsletters.

As a well-known company, we welcome you. Write to us on our online store portal and get an amazing opportunity to become a content writer.

Learn about

The name of our portal is Storyatures. We have been doing content marketing for many years. We provide marketing content for various sectors of this industry.

Our expertise includes blogs, web content, guest blogs, newsletters, product reviews and more. We work with entities like Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Industry, Online Games, Football, Astrology, Product Reviews etc. We also provide advertising content for the online store. For this reason, we need content contributors.

How to Apply Write us a guest post about an online store

Candidates with content writing experience in this section can apply. However, content contributors must follow specific rules. As a professional organization we have certain criteria for applicants. The applicant must comply with the rules.

  1. We think that the authors should know this specific case well. They understand the structure, protocols and business ethics of an online store. This will help them write good content on the topic.
  2. Content writers also make analytical comments on the content. This is important for marketing copy. This provides a more analytical version of the content.
  3. For the Write For Us + online store, content contributors must also write contact and business copy. The main motto of this content is to educate buyers in this sector. The selection also provides in-depth values ​​of these stores in the current market.
  4. Content writers should choose trending topics. This will help them gain a large number of readers. Readers today want to read valuable content. For this reason, content contributors should choose topics that are trending every day.
  5. Content contributors also work on customer reviews and feedback on specific items. When creating a store review, they should mention the review section.

How to follow SEO rules for Write us online store

Content contributors should also keep in mind that content should be SEO oriented. With these latest content trends, SEO optimization is a necessary requirement. For this reason, we ask contributors to write content using SEO formats.

  1. Authors should not repeat the content of the information.
  2. The content should be simple and smart.
  3. Spam score should not exceed 3%.
  4. Content writers always maintain content word count requirements.
  5. We do not allow plagiarized content. For this reason, we have banned pirated content.
  6. Content contributors must write content following all Storyatures grammar protocols and guidelines.

Learn about the benefits of writing for us

Write to us + “Online Store” We offer many benefits to content contributors. We believe that content writers are the most important pillars of our success. For this reason, we provide professional and technical support to content contributors.

  1. Our portal has a large number of readers worldwide. If you write content for our portal, you can get a significant number of readers.
  2. Many professional content creators visit our portal. Therefore, your content will be evaluated and reviewed by professionals in the same field. This will improve the expression of your content.
  3. We also provide a lot of technical support for content creators.

Know the rules of presentation of our portal

For “Write for Us” guest posts, content creators can send them directly to our email: You can also send us a sample. We will notify you within 24 hours. In addition, we are solely responsible for improving your content. Storyatures also retains full copyright and ownership of the published content. Content authors must respect and adhere to this policy for our company.

One final thought

We discussed all the basic features. Now you have to accept or reject the possibility. If you want to grow as a good and more organized content creator, you need to use this Write Us online store.

This will help you grow more in this business. You can also learn a lot from online blogs.


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