Read exclusive explanations of smart sms scams not available anywhere else to know their truth and avoid being scammed.

You received a text message that the NZD 2000 reward was withdrawn from your account on a certain date. A new scam has appeared in the UK since the second quarter of 2022. You can learn about fake scams. But do you know about cheaters? Do you want to know the truth about such accounts and related issues?

So, read this article till the end to know more about smart SMS scams.

About SMS Smart Text Scam.

Various online sources have revealed that Wise’s message withdrawing 2,000 from a user’s account has been circulating since May 2022. The latest message informed customers that their account will be topped up with NSD 2000 on the 3rd (or) 6th May 2022.

A screenshot of the message sent online showed that the message came from +61(448)342-733. The message included a link to and, advising users to click on the link to cancel the payment deduction.

How does the smart SMS scam work?

This text message is fake because Wise’s official website is and are scam sites using the wise brand. Regardless of the name of the website involved in the information, many uninformed users do not know the problems of the Internet.

Fraudsters try to take advantage of unsuspecting users by creating panic and urgency to click the link. Links to such fraudulent websites target users’ personal and payment information. In addition, by clicking on such links, the website may also install applications, advertisements and malware on the user’s device without permission.

Avoid smart message scams.

Wise provides help to avoid phishing scams on its website: Wise advises customers to avoid clicking on links received in messages to check if the site’s URL is misspelled (or) similar to

Wise warned its customers that fraudulent websites may try to steal card information, payment information and customer data. Therefore, it is recommended to ignore such messages.

If customers receive a message that includes a URL to another website (or) if customers believe the message is a missed test, they can contact Wise Customer Support at login to /?redirectUrl=/ help/contact . .

However, @transferwisevictims is a Facebook group with smart clients who have engaged in literary intelligence scams and intelligence related scams. Most complaints in this group indicate that the buyer transferred money to their account, but the beneficiary did not receive it.

Closure is a website that helps you send payments overseas with low transfer fees. is a legitimate website that has been operating since March 7, 1994. It was previously known as TransferWise. has a positive trust rating of 86%. However, fraudsters are taking advantage of its popularity with schemes and payments that target the personal and payment information of unsuspecting users.

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