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Gael Costa: Are you the World Health Organization?

Gael Costa was a popular Brazilian singer and composer. Gayle Costa, a member of the World Health Organization, sadly passed away 77 years ago. He had to postpone his participation in Primavera Sound due to surgery and is currently absent. Gael Costa died on November 9, 2022. There is still no explanation for the death of Brazilian music prima donna Gael Costa.

Husband and son Gale Costa

Gayle Costa was single when she died. He never married. He was married to Licia Versimo for seventeen years from 1989 to 2006. He currently oversees the nation’s capital. The main character Costa Penna Burgos is her only son. Archangel Costa Penna Burgos is the last son of Gale Costa. Gael Costa was born on the 26th month of the Gregorian calendar in 1945 in the Central American country of Bahia, Brazil.

Gale Costa Chronicle

  • Full Name: Attorney Maria Graca Costa Penna Burgos
  • Age: 77
  • Date of Birth: 26th month of Gregorian calendar, 1945
  • His birthplace is Salvador, Bahia (Brazil).
  • Ministry of Defence: 9 November 2022
  • Brazilian professional singer and songwriter
  • Known For: Tropicalia Movement
  • Genres: Pop and Rock’n’Roll. MIA, Tropicalia. Bossa Nova
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Gale Costa Height and Weight: Gale Costa is 1.94 meters tall and weighs seventy metric units.

Gael Costa, his brother and children and Altura and explained the options. Singer-songwriter John Milton was a backing vocalist for Nascimento and Marcus Buark and Tom Jobim.


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Gale Costa (77) was operated on by medical staff on November 9, 2022. She died that day. He was a key player in the development of tropical music. Brazilian pop singer Gael Costa rose to fame performing with Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso and thus the Tropicalia movement. Choose some online.

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