If you live in Montana, you may have heard of family lawyers but are unsure what they can do for you or your family. With so much online information about divorce and other family law issues, it can be tempting to save money by getting a DIY divorce or legal separation without hiring an attorney.

However, a reputable family lawyer Montana can help residents facing family issues in several ways, saving them from making legal mistakes that can have dire consequences. Also, while there are many family law specialists in the state, some may not be familiar with the nuances of child support and child custody laws. So, it is crucial to hire a good one.

The following information can benefit residents hiring family legal experts in the state for the first time.

Areas they cover

A family lawyer is an attorney specializing in family law, including divorce and support matters. If you have queries about your rights or what’s happening in your divorce proceedings, these professionals can help answer them.

One of the best things about these legal experts in Montana is that they are also child custody specialists. They can assist you in pivotal areas such as custody rights, support, visitation, etc. Many local specialists also offer assisted self-representation services for those who want help filing their divorce paperwork but don’t want to pay high hourly rates for an attorney.

Average cost

Family law can be a complex field for many as it involves several nuances that one must cover and become an expert in before practicing professionally. However, that does not mean such specialists charge sky-high for their valuable services. The cost of hiring a family legal attorney in Montana averages around 100 to 200 dollars an hour, perhaps less, depending on the specific individual. 

Also, some local lawyers charge approximately $75 for an initial thirty-minute consultation, which is affordable for most regional residents. It helps them determine the economic feasibility of hiring their services while also allowing them to gauge their capabilities.

Hiring a reputable attorney matters

Hiring an experienced Montana family lawyer is vital for several reasons. The first and foremost reason is that hiring an experienced professional will save you time in the long haul, as these individuals know how to avoid common mistakes that could cost you even more money or cause you to lose your case.

Furthermore, an experienced family lawyer in Montana knows the court system, judges, opposing attorneys, and their strategies. They also have in-depth knowledge of the state laws, using it to plan the case. For instance, anyone under eighteen is considered a child under Montana law, and the judge must carefully examine the reason if a child refuses visitation. Lawyers can use this to provide information that results in the best outcome for their clients and their children.


Therefore, hire a local lawyer to help you understand the law and how it affects you, your family, and your children. Having someone on your side who understands what it means when a judge says “parenting plan” or “child support” ensures you come out of the case with satisfactory results.


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