The scam analyzed an online outdoor store and published the results to online shoppers.

If you are planning to buy sports and fitness products online, this site review can help you in many ways. We have noticed scammers trying to sell game-like products through various domains.

For those living in the United States, Wanberg’s portal offers many resources related to the game. United States The site claims to offer premium products and offers discounts during periods such as Black Five Carnival. The scam attempts to confirm the legitimacy of this website to business customers shopping online.

Comm Wanberg Validity Rating:

With the increasing number of scams in the world of e-commerce, this category has become very important because it contains all the real facts of this website. Our research team has gathered all the information about Weinberg and organized it below to help customers.

This feature can help customers make informed purchasing decisions through this game store.

Age of Web – The portal was launched six months ago (24/7/21).
According to the Alexa Rank survey results, the site is below the Alexa site, which indicates that the platform is not used by some users.
Domain Expiration Date: The site will remain online for 24 hours starting in 2022.
Trust Score: The average website trust score is one percent. This is the lowest score for a real page.
Social Media Presence There are no social media accounts associated with this site. She also has a small presence on Twitter and Facebook.
Owner Information – No owner name information is found on the Wanberg website.
Plagiarism: The image and content of this website are similar to other questionable portals and are not original.
Trust Index According to’s fraud team, the site has a trust index of 47.3 percent, which is about average for a legitimate site.
Customer Reviews – Unfortunately, we do not receive any customer reviews on products sold at Wanberg.
Physical Address: We cannot verify the address listed on the contact page.

What is the Wanberg Com portal?

Wanberg can be defined as an Internet-based retail site that sells discount outdoor sporting goods. Customers can enjoy benefits like free shipping and discounted prices for events like Five Black Carnivals.

The platform offers a variety of products designed for both sports and outdoor enthusiasts. According to the cheat group of, these tools are presented here.

Luggage bag
Mounted Magnetic Wood Block
Post hole digger
Multi-track digital recorder
Wanberg has many of these products in nature. But it’s important to make sure they’re legitimate for your own safety.


Portal name:
Web address –
Bags, wallets, bicycles, etc. Like a crown.
Physical address: 4251 Pea Ridge Road, North Carolina, 28655, USA.
Email address –
Delivery Policy Delivery Policy Maximum 4-7 days for standard delivery.
Credit and debit card payment options
Return Policy Return Policy The return period on this website is 30 days from the date of delivery.
Customer Email – Published
Contact number not available Scam Pros and Cons or Knowing It Read:

Good things:

Delivery time takes 4-7 days to reach the customer.
Email address and customer email are for communication only.
Application on this website is free.
Customers can choose between several payment methods on the website.


A low trust score indicates that the site may be a scam.
It has the lowest Alexa rating.
This site does not provide customer reviews.
Wenberg Com contact number is not available
We cannot verify your physical address.
They do not have social media accounts for customer feedback.

What is HTML0? review?

Although it is six months old, we could not find any customer reviews for the products found on this site. Many review sites have raised questions about its validity and warned site users to be careful.

We have not found any customer reviews for the site on any of the popular review sites. This website does not attempt to collect customer feedback on product detail pages. After eight months of use, it was not popular with online shoppers.

You can read this article to learn more about PayPal scams.


Our fraud team found that the site was not popular with customers during the last six months of operation. We advise users to stay away from this site as most of the evidence is against it.

If anyone wants to share an opinion about this site, you can do so in the comment section.


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