This article is a collection of Uoifa reviews and customers can comment on its legality.

Are you looking for a quality online shoe and clothing store? However, a review of the Uoifa store will help you to learn more about such sites.

This article is from a recent Uoifa review of a popular store in the United States. Detailed reviews of the online store therefore help users determine if they should trust the store and buy clothes there. Please contact us for more information on legal work. The first part we will start with is the ground-based backup measures.

Briefly about Uofa

Uoifa is mainly an online store that sells shoes and clothes. They have a lot of beautiful designer shoes. The store offers great discounts on many products.

Product presentation

blouse and shirt
Deep time
Other benefits

Therefore, the next stage of the review is shown in Is Uoifa Legit. We also evaluate the details of the website, based on its age and reliability. But before we do that, we need to take into account the factors that help us know what is right and what is wrong.

Ufa features

Buy Products:
Address: 43015, Delaware Square, Delaware, Ohio, USA According to the website.
Social Media Links: There are three icons on social media in Uoifa’s online store. But all connections are lost. However, we tried to find the store’s social accounts for the Is Uoifa Legit issue, but could not find anything. So it can be said that Ufa has no social connection.
Property information: N / A.
Delivery Policy: Pre-order, delivery, processing and confirmation of orders within 1-3 business days Delivery takes 7-9 days.
Privacy Policy and Terms: The privacy policy of the website is reviewed, but the terms are not applied.

Thread: The specified payload on the website is not mentioned. But they say they get it for free at more than $ 35.

Product Tracking: After ordering, customers receive tracking information.
Action: No cancellation conditions.
Answer: We accept the answers, but we do not respond.
Return time: not announced.
Payment method: NVT.

Uofa values ​​the best places

Uifa offers online stores for free for more than $ 35.
It will be delivered in 7-9 days and it has already happened.

The main negative points

The online store did not mention the refund order when it was returned.
The store website also did not announce a return date.

Uofa does not specify the delivery fee specified in the delivery policy.
They have a policy of abolishing them.
No payment methods are available for customers.

Is Uofa a liar or a law?

Domain Created: July 4
Page age: 14 days.
Page date: 7/4/2023
Reliability: Uoifa has a confidence level of only 1%, a negative Alexa 0 points. You have to look at these confidence statistics to assess the basic legitimacy of Uoifa Chats.
Location: Delaware, Ohio, USA
Information Security: Connection to an online database is protected by medium-level SSL protection.
Distance from suspicious sites: 23/100.
Dangerous profile: 73/100.
Fishing Score: 61/100
Malware: 49/100.
Distribution Description: 73/100.
Social Links: Based on our research, the site did not open a social media account. There are broken links in the linked social profiles. They don’t even talk much on social media. So they have no social connection.

Client research

There are no Uoifa ratings online for customers. There are only website ratings and YouTube ratings. The lack of publicity is due to the lack of social evaluation and product testing at UoIFA. There is also an Alexa level. This is why we advise consumers to pay attention to credit card fraud.

The final decision

So, after a careful discussion of the site, we confirm that the site is illegal. Uoifa has low trust, zero social and customer review and a high risk profile. So stay away from Uoifa. We also recommend learning PayPal scam techniques.

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