Looking for a designer eye shadow store? Here are all the points to give your buyer Theshadestore reviews.

Want to buy handmade products? Everyone wants to design their home, clothes, themselves, in this case, they always want to buy designer materials for their work. It is available in many countries including America.

Here, Theshadestore is an online shopping store with a nationwide store offering a collection of designer wear, shades and more. For more details, you can go to the homepage of the website and check the buyer rating for Theshadestore.

What is Theshadestore?

Theshadestore sells items worldwide, including the US. It offers various materials like exclusive samples, shades and more in its online and offline stores. It talks about specific shades like Roman, Roller, Solar, Mobile etc. So check all the product descriptions on the website and decide to buy the items.

Each point about the shade of materials and other important details is displayed in the catwalk URL, so you can take a closer look before moving to pay for your items. In online case, you need to know about Theshadestore legality: Is Theshadestore legit or not?

Descriptions about Theshadestore ·

  • You can go to the website URL, for example: https://www.theshadestore.com/
  • Theshadestore can be reached on the number shared on the website, for example. (800) 754-1455.
  • Theshadestore has the mentioned email i.e. marketing@theshadestore.com.
  • Theshadestore did not mention the address of the company, only the map link was shared on the portal that does not work.
  • Theshadestore sells a wide variety of materials, shades and more.
  • There is a post on social media sites like Theshadestore name.
  • Customer reviews of Theshadestore are not available on SafePilot or its website, so it is very difficult to verify the authenticity of the catwalk.
  • He did not share any shipping details.
  • It also does not mention refund and return details.
  • You can track your order using your order ID.
  • There are no visible prices for the items, so you have to follow all the steps to buy the special items.
  • Theshadestore is a completely safe online store for those who love designer shades.
  • No payment details will be displayed on the catwalk.

Positive reasons

  • The site is secured with HTTP and SSL integration certificates so you can access Theshadestore reviews.
  • All materials and shades look very beautiful and attractive.
  • Here you can track your order or learn more about the location.
  • He has shared his links on social media and is all active.

Negative aspects

  • You cannot visit the store because the location is unavailable.
  • We have no idea about material prices.
  • We have not shared the shipping policy, return policy etc.
  • For security reasons, we need to know the authenticity of the website, so let’s continue.

Is shadow storage legal or not?

  • The site’s domain is 8-18-2004.
  • Site Expiration Date is 8-18-2027.
  • This gave 96 percent confidence data.
  • He sells materials and shadows, but the price does not stretch.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest links are available and have posts for you to visit social networks.
  • There are no comments on the trusted pilot even on the site.
  • We used a lot of duplicate information on the site.
  • Moreover, the website seems suspicious with less information, so we have to wait for real reviews.

Reviews of the buyer Theshadestore

Theshadestore website looks very attractive so looking for full quality and quantity of items and shades. I looked for honest customer reviews here and there, found it has 3.5/5 stars on honest pilot, but there was no feedback from any customer.

It got an average rating in many review portals, but no credible reviews. Please make sure the website knows how to check for credit card fraud.


The site contains materials and shades, there are no customer reviews for Theshadestore, very little information is displayed on the site, no payment method is displayed, there is no office address and more. This site is for experienced buyers but after proper research. Please check how to save your precious amount from PayPal fraud.

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