This is good news for those who want to enter the giveaway but can’t afford it.

is a mobile app that gives you free access to real content.

The problem is that Google Play and the App Store are full of fake apps that only developers can use.

Many have colorful animations, fortune circles and board games.

The more points you score, the higher your chances of winning. But we’re not going to tell you the number of wins or the number of wins during the season.

For example, apps with lucky words in their name, such as Lucky Day or Lucky Scratch, are more likely to be scams.

So if you’re not careful, it’s never too late!

This post will make your life easier by listing the safest apps you can use to run.

Let’s start with the biggest compliment too!

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You can earn money through Givvy app by playing games, taking surveys and referring your friends.

You can then use your money to buy content and earn rewards ranging from $0.27 to $55.

Givvy, which shows the total number of installs, is also a good option. Then you can accurately calculate the probability of winning.

If you don’t want to believe in luck, you can convert your money to real money and withdraw via PayPal when you reach $0.29.

Winnie One

Wiiny is a French app for Android devices. You can enter the contest by watching videos or following our sponsors on social media.

Currently, the company recommends products without starring roles in new releases.

Unlike Givvy, stars cannot be exchanged for cash in the Wiiny app. So you have no choice but to rely on luck!

Another shortcoming is that the total number of points granted for a given award category is not shown.

Availability: Worldwide


The next generation

At first glance, Coin Dodger looks like one of those fake “money” games that don’t benefit users.

But after reading most of the terms used by the app, I realized it’s a different world!

Play for real money and you can redeem free tickets every few hours.

In Coin Thieves, 100 random winners will receive prizes ranging from $1 to $100 per day.

You can also win up to $1,000 in weekly prizes!

Authorities: United States and United Kingdom

Big Time You (WINR Sports).

If you search for games on Google Play, WinR Games Inc. 100% rating. You can find at least one from a reputable company

Some popular games are Double Double, Brain Battle, Bubble Burst and Solitaire.

Big Time Cash offers multiple games under one roof!

Play a game and you’ll automatically win a weekly ticket worth $3,000 or more to enter into the weekly draw.

The main drawback is that the success rate and network uncertainty are very low.

Tickets can be exchanged for cash, but fare payment is not guaranteed. Some get paid and some don’t.

Availability: Worldwide



You can add software, but few companies in the industry do that frankly.

Unfortunately, millions of people fall victim to scams and expect to make easy fake money by watching videos.

So you should stick to a plan that has a history of reading lots of reviews and paying user fees.

Earn money online

In 2015, I learned how to start and run an online business that provides a living wage.

This approach is useful information to attract many people.

Then you can monetize your website with banner views or affiliate links. Depending on the product you are promoting, you can earn over $100 per sale. The power is great!


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