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Most of us are familiar with the Cold War between Taiwan and China. Have you heard of the recent conflicts between the two countries? Do you want to know more about it? The news has already spread around the world, so we are here to give you more information about it.

Read the full story on why Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone. Read on to find out why it’s on the web.

About the process

Recently, an unexpected civilian plane attacked the sky off an island off the coast of China. The Taiwanese military responded when it first became aware of an increase in such incidents. After the surprise visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island, the United States has increased military security.

Why did Taiwan shoot down a Chinese drone?

According to several sources, the Taiwanese military shot down an unidentified drone and entered the skies of Akishima in Taiwan province. Troops reportedly cordoned off the area after Nancy Pelosi made a surprise visit to the island last month, in which the Taipei government faced retaliation for its decision to build military defenses.

The story of the event.

Now that we know why Taiwan is shooting down Chinese drones, let’s take a look at the crash data.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan, Taiwanese military commander Jinmen said the accident happened at 12:30 PM. “The Taiwanese military will take the necessary steps to prevent such actions by an unidentified drone spotted in the restricted airspace on the island on Thursday,” he said.

Necessary steps for the process

Therefore, Taiwan shot down a Chinese drone for security reasons. One of these unidentified drones began flying over Forbidden Island in mid-August. According to information, Kinman has seen two drones. One is Little Kinman Island and the other is Lion Island. It happened on Saturday and Monday.

The unmanned aerial vehicle flew over Tiger Island and rose 30 meters above the ground, raising suspicion in China. The government of Taiwan has issued a statement about this.

open again:

As a result, Taiwan flew Chinese drones to protect and improve security. Following similar actions, Taiwan destroyed an unidentified drone found on its territory this Wednesday. Security in the Shire Islands has been tightened after Nancy Pelosi’s visit.


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