Welcome to our Swipe to Blast app review!

Hundreds of thousands of people wanted to spend $200 on PayPal or Amazon gift cards and played Swipe to Blast.

I get a lot of comments from people who don’t make a cent because I play a similar game every day.

Game developers attract users with the opportunity to earn real money to maximize profits. After all, the higher the reward, the more people will play and watch the video.

I am here today to warn you if you are wasting your time on another app version. Do you criticize blowing up a scam? You compensate Read my review to understand the risks!

excessive publicity
You were playing a different game when you saw an ad for Swipe Blast.

First I showed a smiling woman who said that games can make real money.

The simulation was displayed at the top of the screen and hundreds of dollars were credited immediately. They often use it to make the PayPal logo more attractive.

If you play free games on your phone, you are probably familiar with powerful marketing strategies. As compelling as the experience is, we shouldn’t give in to it.

Swipe to explode?


Swipe to Blast is another song that you can play with your virtual PayPal card.

But as with 99% of money apps, you can only earn a certain amount of money. For Swipe to Blast, the minimum amount is $200.

The app has been installed by more than 500,000 users and is still in Early Access in the Play Store.

This means you can’t tell the world if Android users have made money posting honest reviews.

How does Swipe To Blast work?

After installing the game from the Google Play Store or App Store, click Play to get started. You do not need to log in or grant permissions.

Simply switch numbers and put at least three digits next to each other. This will merge all blocks of the same number into a block with a higher number.

Every time you reach a goal, you will receive a certain virtual currency. If you mix too many blocks at once, you may be rewarded.

But if you want to add money to your account, click the “Add” button to watch the video.

Video is not always available. This is very frustrating because you can’t make money without videos. Interestingly, you can view ads after closing the donation window.

Sure they have videos but it seems they don’t want to collect the virtual money you earn.

Remember that there are 5 healthy (healthy) units. Every time you move a block that doesn’t melt, it uses one health. On the other hand, your health becomes 1 every time the numbers match.

Is hitting legal? Is it worth it?

Based on my experience with hundreds of “money” games, I don’t think Swipe to Blast is worth it. Because the cash rewards are so high, the company will not give $200 to someone who plays long enough.

So in any case, limit the number of people who can do it. But I wonder how to decide who gets the next prize.

Are the winners chosen at random? How many winners per day or month? No transparency!

It is important to note that Swipe to Blast has no conditions. In other words, there is no binding agreement between the developer and the user. So there are no words!

Users are known to make money, but it’s hard to believe because there is no proof and you don’t know your chances of winning!

Playing these games has two general consequences. They don’t spend money in virtual dollars and they don’t ignore payment requests.

Does this mean Swipe to Blast is a scam? You can’t blame any business on your blog without hard evidence.

So you can spend a lot of time playing this game to earn money.



Swipe to Blast is the best game to save time, but don’t forget about the money. Since there isn’t even a terms of use page, the developers won’t share the interests of many players.

Remember that spending $200 on marketing pays off. The company probably has to watch more than 4,000 videos to get the same. a plus!

I don’t know who came up with the idea of ​​offering monetary incentives and setting payment terms.

What I know for sure is that this business model is frustrating millions of people around the world. I am not feeling well!


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