The above article discusses how President Joe Biden’s decision led to the faulty Dawn Student Aid website.
Student loan website gone bad for some users today? Why would there be such destruction in the United States?

Read on to learn more about the collapse of the Dawn student support network and what role President Joe Biden played in it.

Problems with the FAFSA

FAFSA, short for Federal Student Aid Agency, is a government-initiated program that provides loans and grants to college students.

The users of the official website have recently complained that the same is not working properly and keeps crashing and there has been a huge increase in the website traffic. Several cuts were announced in a single day. The app works for millions of college students every year and helps them save money.

President Joe Biden shuts down student advocacy website after revealing his plan

Mr. Joe Biden had previously issued an official statement saying that the debtor’s annual income of less than $125,000 should be canceled due to a maximum debt of $10.0. website, which led to the site’s downfall.

Subsequently, some netizens have reported problems navigating the site since the president’s official morning broadcast. Visitors receive an error message from the Student Support page that the Student Support page is experiencing high volumes of traffic, but in the meantime they can navigate and appreciate their patience.

There was a separate website for President Joe Biden with details on the debt repayment plan initiated by the FSA. People have recently reported waiting at least 20 minutes before using the site.

Posts on social networks

Users of the social media account took to various platforms like Twitter and Facebook to air their grievances and reported that the Student Aid website had crashed.

For example, a user named @divyaxx wrote about how the president canceled the loans of between 10,000 and 20,000 college students that the site couldn’t handle. A user named @biskywalt wrote that he will find out if he is owed the same $7,000 or $500. Many people wrote as above.

How would you think President Joe Biden settled on the ideal choice to drop his student credits? Share your considerations and feelings on the equivalent.


Recently there was an issue with the student aid site Dawn, where the President of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden, made an official announcement that student loans with annual balances below a certain threshold will be canceled. Users of the FAFSA website often complain of problems when trying to apply. To learn more about this story, visit this link.

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