says you can join the next generation and influence your favorite websites, apps and technologies.

First, I want to clarify that it used to be called Smart Panel, but was renamed in December 2019, but it is still the same.

Is Smart App Community Scam or Safe to Join?

How it works?

This smart app community review will give you all the details so you can easily see what’s available and if it’s worth it.

Another important note: The smartphone app is disabled

In late May 2021, it was announced that SmartApp would close unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, this happened without warning, so if you have money in your account, you will not be able to withdraw it. It is strange to close a platform without warning or explanation.

But you can’t use the smartphone app anymore, and once it’s installed, you’ll have to uninstall it.

Read here how you can get the best free money.

What is the smart application community and what does the site offer?

Smart Panel was launched in 2014, so it is a relatively new panel compared to other panels. Verto Analytics Included. However, as mentioned earlier, it was introduced in December 2019 and got a new name – now officially called the Smart App Community.

However, you may have heard that in some places the smart board is the same board but with a different name.

With the increase in the use of online media, the goal is to better understand how people use the Internet so that we can use this information to improve services and products.

There are many ways to participate and earn money as a member.

So check out each option below to see what you can do as a member and how awesome it is.

I made a video and explained everything. You can also read the full text below the video. Note that I’m still talking about “smart boards” in the video, but the explanation is the same:

How will they pay?

As a member of the smart apps community, you earn money just by downloading and linking apps.

For every 30 days you stay connected, you get $5.

You can then split those earnings using PayPal or Amazon gift cards

Please note that you must be a member for at least 30 days to receive your first payment. I think it’s fair that people don’t sign up and pay the membership bonus, but they never sign up.

However, in general, Smart Panel payments and the payment process are convenient.

It’s not a quick money site because you have to be a member for a short time before spending the money, but if you have the patience to keep working after that, it’s definitely a rewarding experience.

Otherwise, you may have a completely negative response – like Nielsen computer and mobile phone maps. But the smart app community offers some interesting bonuses.

Can you get help?

The support you receive says a lot about the company. It has impressive support when it comes to smart boards.

For example, if you look at their Facebook page, they reply to every user comment. They respond quickly when people ask questions.

This initial support is a great sign and shows that the site is helpful and as a member you know you can expect help when you need it.

For more basic questions, the Smart App Community has an FAQ section where you can start your search if you need help.

I have contacted support several times and have always received a helpful response. But it’s not always fast, and sometimes you may need to remember the message you sent.

But overall they are very helpful and I think the support team is very friendly.

Final decision

In short, the Smart App Community is not a scam, but a legitimate safe board where you can share information anonymously, conduct market research and earn money from it.

But let’s end with a summary of the pros and cons to give you a good overview before deciding whether or not this review is right for you.


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