is an online multiplayer game for Android and iOS platforms. The main objective of the game is to compete against different players in real time and turn your worm into a giant snake. codes can earn premium rewards like skins, makeup and more. You don’t have to pay anything because these prizes are given free of charge by the official organizers. Codes – October List

Let’s look at the working code first. With these codes, you can get crowns, weapons, glasses and more that you can use to collect other resources in the game.

  • 0056-6697-1963 – Use this Liberty number for the helmet, dragon wings and crown.
  • 0068-5256-3709 – Use this download code for angel wings, bear ears and hiking hat.
  • 0150-6765-3242 – Use this return code for heart shaped glasses, fake nose and chin glasses and monocles. And the Pikachu skin.
  • 0295-1038-1704 – Use this return code for star glasses, round blue glasses and short brown hair.
  • 0465-2156-5071 – Use this return code for hearts, short black hair and sleeping glasses.
  • 0351-6343-0591 – Use this return code for pink star glasses. Short brown hair and 3D glasses.
    0368-9044-0388 – Use this freedom number for bat wings, demon skin and a Sherlock Holmes hat.
  • 0139-6516-0269 – Use this repeating code for detective hats, bear ears and bunny ears.
  • 0334-1842-7574 – Use this return code for baseball caps and headphones.
  • 0068-5256-3709 – Use this return code for snow wings, orange caps and bat wings.
  • 0309-9703-3794 – Use this return code for headband, short red hair and green tie.
  • 0577-9466-2919 – Use this return code for red cape and cat eye glasses.

Expired List

In addition to the job list, we’ve also compiled a list of completed codes. With this list, you can’t use these old codes in the game, which saves your time. So let’s look at the completed codes;

  • 0001-0002-0003
  • 9999-9999-9999 Tel

How do we use the code?

In the following section you will find a step-by-step guide that explains the recovery process;

  • Slither io to the rescue
  • Look for “Enter Code” and click on it.
  • A new window will appear.
  • Enter and paste the code from the list above.
  • Press the “Enter” button to use the codes.


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