Shoppinginnow Reviews provide detailed information about the site, as well as its legitimacy score and the site’s two pages.
Are you a fashionista? Have you ever wanted to try on new clothes at an affordable price? The world has become a global place where people can even buy goods from South Africa. Hence, people should be very careful and watch out for fraudulent websites in this digital world. So in this article we will take a look at one such site and its Shoppinginnow reviews.

About the site

As their name suggests, a customer who visits their website always buys something in their store because all the products are fashionable and attractive. And they put together each product very carefully, so people who love unique fashion designs will definitely love this site.

Their attractive products

Women’s Geometric Two Piece Set Women’s Rights Loose Casual Dresses
Accessories for women like rhinestone earrings, necklaces, embroidered shoes, soft shoes.
Maxi dress, vest set,
Women’s tops (sleeveless tops, summer tops, blouses, shirts, etc.)
a women’s dress

Characteristics of

Is Shoppinginnow legal? Now people have started buying products from one corner of the world to another, so we can’t trust all websites at this time. Therefore, people should check its legal version before buying products from it.

.Customers can purchase items at: .
Email address:
Contact information: They have not provided their phone number information.
Address details: The Signature, 15 Street, Helen’s Place, London EC3A6DQ.

Social Media Activity: There are no social media accounts associated with this site, indicating that they are not active on social media.
Content originality: only 19%.
Payment options: PayPal and card applications.
Customer Reviews: Shoppinginnow reviews are displayed on their official website.
Privacy Policy: They explained each of the processes for processing data and supporting fair information practices.

Return Policy: Within 15 days of receipt, customers must return their product and customers must enter details on their website before returning items.

Return Policy: An eligible returned product will attract a refund and customers will receive a refund within one week.
Shipping Policy: Free shipping on purchases of $99; they currently ship to 200 countries, so shipping time varies by location, maximum 20 days.
Shoppinginnow reviews are available for the clothing, but we could not confirm the legitimacy based on customer reviews alone.

Good points

Each product has a detailed product description.
Flexible payment options.
Free shipping on orders over $100.
The page contains customer reviews.

The negative points

They have introduced many informal discount offers such as sign-up offers, combo offers, second purchase offers and discounts on all products. It shows their business strategies to attract customers.
Their email address is not responding so customers cannot contact them.

Assessment of legality

Is Shoppinginnow legal? In this section, we will examine the nature of the legitimacy of the website, so this is a mandatory step that every person must complete before buying goods online.

Domain age: the domain was created on 11/12/2021, so the domain is 9 months old
Domain expiration: The domain expires on 12/11/2022 and expires in 4 months.
Registrant Name: The domain was the registered name of Xin Net Technology Corporation.
Trust score: only 1%, very low score.
Website SEO Score: 52
Shoppinginnow Reviews: You can access customer reviews.
Data protection: The site exposes the HTTPS protocol, which provides encryption and data protection.
Alexa Global Ranking: Not available
Theft rate: 81%.
Company name: LLC “Kentesh”.

Customer perspective

According to online sources, the site has received many negative reviews, but good ratings and reviews based on reviews on their site. The same reviews were published twice to allow customers to add reviews. This shows that they are trying to cheat their customers. So this site doesn’t seem legit. Readers can check out the article on credit card fraud.


The Shoppinginnow Reviews article provided a comprehensive review of the website. People should pay attention to this website as its trust is very low. Fake customer reviews, a poor customer service system and parent company information appears to be copied from the internet.

Therefore, the website cannot prove its legitimacy. Readers can also learn about PayPal scams in this article. For more information.

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