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Read this article to learn more about Sharswood Plantation Miller, but before that, let’s find out who Fred Miller is and how this trend relates to history.

Who is the connection between Fred Miller and Sharpswood?

Fred Miller is a 56-year veteran of the Air Force. She spent her childhood in Virginia and often looked for her home in Virginia to be reunited with her family. Fred now lives professionally in California and plans to buy property back home. Later, he unwittingly bought his ancestral estate, “Sherswood Plantation.” Continue reading to learn more.

What is Sharswood Plantation Miller?

The house or estate brought by Fred Miller was called Sharswood. Her daughter, Karen Dixon-Rexroth, first met her mother as they walked along a nearby road. He saw the mortgage deed and told his brother about the property.

Her sister and cousins ​​wanted a big white house after buying the house. Experts determined that the house belonged to Civil War ancestors Edwin Miller and Nathaniel Crenshaw Miller. The property was on 2,000 hectares of agricultural land.

It shows 60 minutes

Miller’s Sharswood Plantation story is published in 60 Minutes. The story of Fred buying his grandfather’s property without their permission came out after the run on the 60 Minutes show. Fred spent his childhood in the shadow of a white house with a green roof. She and her cousins ​​witnessed in their home on their way to school.

When the sisters bought the house, they researched Sharswood. The house, it turns out, belongs to Fred’s mother, Karen, Fred’s sister, Karen, and Fred’s cousin, Dexter. For more Sharswood Plantation Miller news, read the blog.

More on Miller’s father

Sarah Miller died in 1949 aged 81. Her parents were Scarlett and Sharswood minister David Miller. The fields were thus linked to the entire Miller family. For about $225,000, the 10.5 acres eventually became more than just a gathering place for the Fred family, it became an ancestral home. So the way he found out about his father’s estate was a shock to him and his family.


We hope that the news about Sharswood Plantation Miller has been very exciting for readers. The whole news that the current owner had bought his father’s property was disappointing for him and his family. To the surprise of the entire Miller family, the sisters announced that the entire land was Sharswood Farm.


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