In this post, we discuss the latest trending topic online, a scam called Mygov Refund Scam.

Do you know what MyGov refund scam is and why it is popular online? Have you cheated? In this article, we discuss Mygov refund policies and emails. Many scams are committed by many online scammers and hundreds of internet users around the world attend scams every day.

The scam in question appears to be happening in Australia and is one of the hottest topics on the internet. In this article, we jump ahead to find out more about the Mygov refund scam.

On the Mygov scam – .

As the end of the current financial year (EOFY) draws near, more counterfeiters are popping up to make quick profits, and 2022 will be no different. The latest scam that MailGuard has just discovered comes from myGov and can steal your account details and credit card details.

Scammers are launching myGov refund scams all the time. Scammers will say myGov will pay you. They direct you to click on links to your website or enter your information in an online database. It may also require you to install an extension.

Mygov Scam Recovery Details – .

The email was sent to MailGuard users, and if you don’t use MailGuard, you may be aware of someone creating and receiving phishing emails. Watch out for ‘late refunds’ from myGov emails.

“MyGov – Recovery Services” will appear as the sender and “support(at)informationconsultancyservices(dot)co(dot)uk” will appear as the display address. On the other hand, the shipping address is a partial combination of numbers and letters related to the old scam, and even the based address has been changed to Mygov Refund Scam.

What does a MyGov refund email look like or read like?

The email is user-generated to match what you’d find on myGov. Despite a few minor flaws, it is probably convincing enough to fool most unsuspecting people.

The recipient of the email still owed $736.98 in the refund and clicked on the “get fast online payment” button. So be careful, avoid Mygov refund scam emails and take appropriate action against the sender.

Official choice in this

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