This article explains who Sally McNeil is now and her current life. We also talk about murder.

Are you a Netflix user? Have you seen the Sally McNeil ad? Netflix released a new documentary about legendary bodybuilder Sally McNeill. His wife was killed and imprisoned. Netflix approached Sally to make a documentary about her life and after she was pardoned.

Sally won ratings and viewers from the UK, Canada and the US. Everyone wants to know more about who Sally McNeill is and her current relationship status.

Sally McNeil, his present wife.

Sally is now in a relationship with Stuart. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing her husband, Ray McNeil. She was released in 2020. Netflix has created a mini-series based on the interesting and mysterious life of Sally.

Sally starred in a web series. Many people want to know why their spouse married them on Valentine’s Day and what the secret behind second degree crimes is. You can watch the trailer at the following YouTube link.

Sally McNeil, first husband

Anthony Loudon was Sally’s first husband. Anthony Loudon was Sally’s first husband. They had a daughter together for four years. Her name is Shantina. Ray was eleven when he died. John is her second child. However, there is no detailed information about John’s father.

Sally, Shantina and Ray sat together. Anthony did not interview Sally. But there was one detail Anthony shared about the San Diego assassination attempt. Anthony points out that when Sally started bodybuilding as a hobby, she lost control.

Sally McNeil, new husband

After being accused of brutally murdering his wife, the public must know the identity of his current wife, Sally. According to available records, his wife’s name is Norfleet Stewart. The couple married in the 1960s. But Norfleet is still young.

Many are waiting to know about Sally’s current husband and her marital status. It is unclear whether Norfleet was involved in Celis’ murder. According to some rumors, he may appear in the final scene of the documentary.

The Sally McNeil Murder Case

On July 27, 1987, he married Sally Ray McNeil. Both Ray and Sally are bodybuilders in the United States. Sources say Ray cheated on Sally and hit her multiple times. Sally also says that Ray gets steroids from his earnings. He was intense and sometimes crazy from too many steroids.

The couple married in 2010. When the argument escalated into a tense and violent confrontation, Celine began attacking him personally.

Unable to bear the pain, Sally shot her husband in the stomach and head. He told the court that he shot his wife in self-defense.

Sally McNeill’s significant other – living in the present time and place

Following 25 years in jail, Sally was delivered and gotten back to her loved ones. She later wedded Norfleet, 62. Now she has a cheerful life and appreciates building her body and dealing with her youngsters.

Sally’s income

Sally once made $3,000 fighting a man. His net worth is around $800,000 at the time of the Netflix documentary. Sally McNeil Biology;

  • Full name Sally McNeil
  • Occupation: professional bodybuilder
  • Date of birth: 29 May 1960
  • Happy birthday America, please!
  • 160 inches tall
  • Weight: 68 kg

Why do people want to know more about Sally Mcneil’s husband?

Sally was known to brutally murder her husband despite being a bodybuilder. Many people blamed him, calling his bodybuilding career aggressive and mentally ill. Her ex-husband, Anthony, also said Ray was lucky to be divorced.

Sally mentions that her husband, Shel, called 911 to report the murder. He said some people make wrong assumptions about him and blame him behind his back. They don’t understand what situation I was in on Valentine’s Day.

Sally Mcneil’s new husband is delighted with her.

They are happy and content with their marriage. The couple are both professional bodybuilders, so they spend a lot of time in the gym.

Sally’s children.

Sally was sent to prison after Ray’s murder trial. Sally’s children aged 11 and 9 were placed in foster care. They later moved when they grew up with their grandmother.

Both children were also American servicemen. Unfortunately, both suffered from PTSD while serving in the military. Several allegations allege that Sally’s marriage and abusive marriage caused her children mental distress. Both children later received proper treatment and were released from the military.


Killer Sally is one of the most interesting documentaries on Netflix. It was interesting to learn more about her current relationship status and her husband’s murder in the web series.

Are you sure Sally was right to kill her husband? Please share your opinion. You can also include Sally’s Wikipedia link


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