This article provides information about S55x Chain com. After using the product, the S55x creates chains that inform readers about the product’s features.

Want to know more about products? Do you want to know if the products can perform the functions you need? Global customer wants to know if it is a good idea to buy S55x Chain S55x Chain for farming.

With the information in this article, you will find answers to your questions as we discuss the facts about the S55x chain and provide all the information we can.

What is the S55x chain?

The S55x can be described as a fully replaceable agricultural machinery kit for chainsaws. The S55x chain is made from premium materials to help extend the life of the capping machine.

Most people in the world love the S55x chain, but if you have a bigger or smaller machine, you can choose from different sizes. We will discuss what makes this chain different and different from other chains designed for specific purposes.

Is there a website about S55xCom?

After searching the web for a while, we couldn’t find a site with We have some field-related production equipment, so let’s take a look at that. Features of the S55x chain;

  • pitch –
  • The distance between the plates within the plate is 20.
  • Height of the connecting board – 20
  • Switchboard thickness – 3
  • Pin length – 38
  • Cylinder diameter – 15.88
  • Weight (kg –
  • Pin length (2nd) – 40.7
  • Minimum load capacity: 50 kN.
  • Average tensile strength (kN) 55
  • Stock Code –

It is considered an excellent choice for agricultural machinery due to the quality and durability of the chain, which helps to improve the performance of the machine.

What makes S55x special?

Some features can make the S55x chain unique and a good choice for everyone.

  • Chains have different joints, layers, materials, bars and breaks.
  • S55x chains are designed with the most recent technology and various techniques, so
  • S55x chains are the best choice for everyone.
  • The link plates on S55x chains are made from cold steel. This increases the tensile strength due to grain cohesion.
  • This chain is reinforced and secured with a convenient press and turn rivet so people don’t have to worry about breaking it when using the S55xCom chain.
  • These chains operate in a variety of industries such as the petroleum industries, sugar cement, automotive, food, steel manufacturing, waste and recycling, bulk material handling, agriculture and others.

How much does the S55x chain cost? S55x chain?

The price of the S55x chain varies by location. For example, you can get rice by entering the necessary parts on some websites. To find the best price, you need to look at several websites and decide on the best price.


According to previous information about S55x, it is clear that S55x Chain is in high demand and users are satisfied with S55x Chain. It is possible to buy from a reliable website and examine its use in practice.

Have you ever used an S55x chain? Have an idea to share with us.


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