This post provides information about We also show users how popular this site is in Vietnam. But check the legality and other information on before buying.


Roblox users love this site for a chance to win prizes and other goodies through lucky draws. The prize that everyone on the site will enjoy is the RoboX 9999 Spinning Wheels.

The website is based in Vietnam. He is of Vietnamese origin.

How does work?

Users must log in to the website to receive the final price. New users can register by filling out a form on the website. Then select the number of wheels you want to buy.

On the left is the credit card payment area. You can choose the number of items in this list.

What are the other features of the site? has many features to make it a good choice for Roblox users

  • There is a top 10 class that gives an extra spin.
  • You can find information about different prices on the website.
  • Follow these steps to remove Robux from your account:
  • The domain date of the site is 5 days ago.
  • Trust score is only 1%
  • No signs of fraud were found in the website’s content.
  • No Alexa rating information.

Therefore, the site is controversial and customers should be careful when spending money on it.


After all information is verified, will stop working. All users should check Robax related websites instead of wasting time on newly opened websites.


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