This article on the Reynard Spavey trial provides detailed information on the court order for Patricia’s murder. This post will be updated eventually.

The status of Renard’s wife is known. Today we provide all updates and information on this topic. The American people want to see the final conviction and sentence of Renard Spivey.

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Decision on the death of Renard’s wife

According to the official report, Renard was found guilty of murdering his wife, Patricia. The deputy, Renard Spivey, was charged and is now in custody. The year is 2019, Renard and Patricia fight over Renard’s infidelity and steroid use. They kill Patricia and leave Renard with a broken leg and open fire.

Renard Spy, where are you now?

Renard is accused of killing Patricia. As a result, he is currently in the Harris County Jail.

The full story of Patricia Case and Renard

They had problems in their relationship due to various issues. Either Patricia remarries Renard or accuses her of cheating. Spivey called 911 at 3:10 a.m. Sunday to report the situation. Renard was shot and wounded in the leg. Patricia Renard is also in the taken bedroom. Renard’s brother Renard was the star of the television show Bailiff Renard Spavey. He says that his sister and Renardi are having marital problems. Renard and had a three-way conversation before the event.

Spy was a popular sheriff on the television court show. Spivey claims Patricia accidentally shot him in the leg. Justice has now been served.


This article was distributed in It was distributed in 2011. Here is a rundown of occasions in 2019. This article covers the occasions of 2019. Renard is blamed for killing his significant other, Patricia. Nonetheless, all internet based assets are refreshed by: Renard SpiveyUpdate We will inform perusers if accessible.



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