\This R9xwiki entry provides information on how to use this weapon and its features. Then read this letter.

Do you know AGM-114 Hellfire? The R9x Hellfire is an American cruiser. But people all over the world are interested in rockets, their designs, and how they are used. This missile is widely used in combat. The R9x wiki provides rocket updates and people talk a lot about this site.

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What is R9x?

The R9x was developed in 1974 by Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. Missiles are sharp knives. Weighing around 45 pounds, it is a highly accurate weapon specially designed for anti-tank weapons. A surface-to-air missile of about $150,000. The United States recently killed the above criminals with missiles. It has become a hot topic and people are looking for applications.

Why does the R9x wiki exist?

Al Qaeda leader Aiman ​​​​Zawahiri was recently killed by the Hellfire R9X anti-tank missile. He was one of the top terrorists and the leader of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The CIA used a weapon on July 31, 2022 to kill Zawahiri in Afghanistan. It is a special responsibility for the United States and the country in general. This makes it a popular choice. Details of the R9x missile will also be released.

R9x products

Based on research on the R9x wiki, we found that missiles have many features. Some readers don’t know your content. So here are all the important points that explain the power of this weapon.

Height: 1.6m
Thickness: 180mm
Engine: heavy rocket; Ticcol TX-657
Length: 0.33m
Guidance system: Radar detection in millimeter range with semi-active laser illumination
Quality: high; from the sky
Weight: 45-49 kg
Cost per unit: $150,000 per unit in 2021
Source: USA
His appearance is everything. We hope you find this information useful. Information is also shared on the R9x wiki.

Different features of the R9X missile

There are different types of fireworks. Here are some of them:

Use AGM-114A
Project AGM-114B/C.
AGM-114K/K2/K2A (Hellfire II).
Hellfire CGB-114L
Uses AGM-114M
Use AGM-114N
AGM-114P/P+ available
Use AGM-114R

That mess

I put together this post and introduced the parts of the Hellfire tank gun to the audience. The leader of Al Qaeda, Zawahiri, was recently killed with this weapon, and many people wonder which weapon the CIA used. Let’s take a look at all these weapons, their features, types and more. Create ads, information, and content related to firearms.


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