Are you someone who buys a lot on big sale days? Do you like shopping online? But are you aware of the scams that accompanied the heyday of online sales? The upcoming AmazonPrimeDay event has particularly caught the interest of shoppers in the US and UK as a high percentage of people prefer to shop online. This article covers some of the biggest Prime Day scams.


The giveaway works like a lottery system where people have to buy a small product and enter and a lucky winner is chosen. As Amazon Prime Day approaches, some people receive an email telling them they’ve won the gift card sweepstakes. You must be logged into your Amazon account to access your gift card.

Some people have received multiple emails about gift cards, but so far there is no sign that anyone has won a gift card. Competitor hosting domains also have a very low trust score (2%), so fraud is likely.

Small giveaways for Prime Day

There is a website called Prime Day Sweepstakes that asks small businesses to get $1 for buying Amazon products. After purchasing a Small Business Product during the Promotion Period, individuals may enter the Contest by entering a Contest or by providing Personal Information.

Eligible entries will be selected at random and winners will be announced. Online sources indicate that some Internet technology experts recommend staying away from these contests, and some Amazon officials claim that the site and contest are fraudulent.

What is it?

The Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes is essentially a lucky draw that requires valid entries, 114,289 winners will be selected through a random process, and 7 prizes will be awarded to selected winners. The winner is the prize

VIP trips to music festivals or shows.
You will be charged a $1,000 Amazon gift card.
$500 Amazon Gift Card
$250 Amazon Gift Card
Amazon $100 Gift Card
$50 Amazon Gift Card

How to participate

The Prime Day 2022 lottery took place from June 21 to July 11. Up to 1,500 people can register one person during the show. However, there is only one prize a person can win.

You can enter the competition by purchasing a Small Business Badge product or by entering your date of birth and account details. After registration, the person does not receive a confirmation email from the Amazon team.


This site looks legit with a detailed FAQ section, privacy policy and domain name, but that’s not enough to gain a high level of trust. So this could be one of those strategies. Our Prime Day Sweepstakes cheat article has the details on the event. But money is only enough if we earn it through hard work. Therefore, this event may be a scam. For more information.


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