This document summarizes all information about the products sold on the website with reference to OurHappy Reviews for customers.

Searching for something for your pet? Would you like to purchase something for your kid? In America, individuals love creatures, and they love creatures. The store’s central goal is to give imaginative items that give pleasure and satisfaction to everybody’s life. You can track down various styles in the store, thank you for adding things at a sensible cost. We save all privileges to the internet based store and recall the positive audit of this article.

The story of NuestroHappy

OurHappy is designed to sell the right products and with the right help so that customers like what is sold in the store. Products sold on the website include acupuncture pens, litter boxes, pet hair removers, backpacks, baby wipes, toothpaste and more. These prices are reasonable and if they want, people can consider buying these items from the store.


The domain hosting store is known to have launched on October 28, 2019.
Social media networks – it’s not easy to find social links other than Facebook to give to Is OurHappy Legit.
Primary address – no session information is provided and only contact numbers are visible.

Payment methods – the website displays various payment methods such as PayPal Visa MasterCard Maestro and credit cards.

Return Service- The online store has maintained its return policy for 30 days.
Refund Service – refunds will be processed and deposited within the specified number of days.
Email address –
Shipping and Delivery Service – items are packed and delivered within 5 to 10 days.

This website is better than others

The online store has products for adults, children, cats and dogs.
The prices are reasonable and affordable.

Drawbacks based on OurHappy Reviews

This website has a moderate trust index score, which means it is not very trustworthy.
The website does not provide contact information and we are not very sure about the contact information.
There is no review page mentioned on the store and the details are a bit confusing.

Is OurHappy Store a trusted online e-commerce store?

This store has everything to make our lives easier and products to keep our pets and homes clean. The credibility of the website can be determined just by checking the other points mentioned below and also by placing the price of OurHappy Reviews of the products.

Age of the domain in question – the shop was registered on 28.10.2019.
The importance of trust – we found that this store has a trust level of around 60%.

Alexa Rank-919008 is the Alexa rank of a website.

Plagiarism present – some misleading information is hard to find
Legitimacy of the address – we cannot say anything about the legitimacy of the address because there is none.
Social media network – for more information we can only check the Facebook accounts mentioned on the website and the Is OurHappy Legit product can be found there.
Information from owners – as mentioned by the owner, we have no information to provide to customers.
No real discounts – discounts are available on all products.
Reviews – there is no section that deals with customer experience after purchasing the product.

Comments from customers

Buyers and reviewers have a real tendency to rate any website after its launch. But unfortunately this particular store did not do any audit because its social networks do not inform about customer experiences. People often visit this website for genuine reviews and we try to publish all the details about OurHappy reviews so that customers get an idea to invest in this website or choose genuine ones store to buy.products according to their needs.

Viewers interested in baby carriers can find information here and where they are sold. They also have instructions on how to redeem PayPal funds.


The article lists all the major trends and products sold on this site. Buyers should exercise caution before purchasing anything as the site appears suspicious. Have you seen our Happy reviews? If yes, tell us about your experience and comment below. Also, find relevant information on how to request a credit card chargeback.


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