After the storm, the race took place at Oak Bluffs. If you’re wondering the same thing, read our article on Oak Bluffs Fireworks 2022 for more.

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The event is called Oak Bluffs Fireworks 2022. Many people are excited to buy tickets for these events and see the colorful fireworks appearing 2 years later.

Details of it

Oak Bluffs Fireworks is expected to finish at 8:00 am. on June 8th. It will be exhibited at the Ocean Park Nature Center. At 9 o’clock in the evening. Parking is limited to Waban Park and Washington Park. Better get to Oak Bluffs before 7pm. Parking is $10 per car.

2022 Oak Bluff Motorcycles

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Oak Bluffs Fireworks and Band are back on August 19, but this time they’re taking over the city.

Firefighters Association resigned from the event presidency. The annual parade held at Ocean Park is considered a major summer event that continues to attract thousands of visitors.

Technical details

It is funded by the City of Oak Bluffs through public grants.
Celebration on Friday, August 19
After 9:00 pm, when it’s dark outside, the Oak Bluffs 2022 fireworks display begins.
The ship starts docking at Vineyard Haven at 8:30 PM.
Locations in Ocean Park and Oak Bluffs.
Plans should not be made until 4 pm. The use of symbols is prohibited.
Washington Park and Waban Ali Park offer recreational facilities for the poor.

The Mountain View Camp Board raised twenty dollars per car to contribute to the Church’s development fund.

Steamboat Center Selects Popular Ships for 2022 Oak Bluffs Fireworks; The tax will suffice.
It is strictly forbidden to leave the parking lot at night; It starts at 8 am tomorrow when they go. Seaview Avenue and Ocean Avenue at noon. Towing costs belong to the owner of the vehicle.
Between Duke County Boulevard and Seaview Avenue or Greenleaf Avenue from Duke Third to Ninth.


The VTA-Vineyard Transit Authority will operate its buses as scheduled for the 2022 Oak Bluffs Fireworks. The doors of all public toilets in the city are open. We are with you for the next event.

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