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Nano snoring

Nano Snore is a startup focused on health and sleep. SmartNora is headquartered in Toronto. Currently, the company only offers the Smart Norasnoring Solution, which was first launched through a Kickstarter campaign. This system is designed to wake you and your colleagues

Smart Nora uses airflow to move the pillow slightly up and down to activate voice communication to stop snoring. Other anti-noring devices are very different from this method. The Smart Nora is a great choice for those looking to minimize sleep disturbances.

Nano snoring analysis review

An innovative technology-based sleep solution – SmartNora. The tool mainly consists of two parts at the most basic level. The ridge microphone is mounted above for listening to snoring.

An inflatable pillow under the pillow picks up the Bluetooth signal when the microphone hits your nose. Due to its position, the pillow can be slightly deflected, allowing air to pass through the throat without causing snoring. People who want to get rid of snoring during sleep but do not need medical help should especially use this device.

Features and options

Although manufacturer NanoSnoreReviews recommends a queen-sized pillow, the Smart Nora is only available in one size and fits all pillows. The inflatable cushion and cryo microphone base and mounting are the three main parts of the Smart Noran. Apart from the charger and wall mount, the device comes with a case. Gravel bass and microphone must be charged. Unlike a seat that needs to be plugged in every night, the Pebble can run for at least a week without a charge.

Price information

Compared to many other anti snoring devices, NanoSnore reviews are more expensive. For example, I often wear it and my protector is half the price of SmartNora. Some snorers may find they need an elevated pillow to stop snoring.

On the other hand, the Smart Nora is durable enough to appeal to motorists who don’t want to wear jewelry at night or don’t mind changing pillows. Smart Nora is much cheaper than many alternatives such as surgical beds and flexi beds.


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