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Do you want to buy stationery online? Are you looking for great writing? If so, this portal is just for you. This website is about great stuff. This portal is developed in the United States.

In today’s post on Mixkky Reviews we will share all the details on the web portal and understand the importance of its various features.

What is

This portal is an online shopping site that offers new products. It deals in various office supplies such as pencil case sets, colorful candy bags, trash bags, creative pens and more. All products are well designed and of high quality. But since it is an online shopping portal, is Buyers Mixkey legit or a fake online portal?

Highlight a few things:

Local URL:
Website launch: 07.01.2022.
Domain expires: 07.01.2023
Email address:
Office location: 161 Pine Lake Dr, Coventry, CT (06238), United States Headquarters.
Contact: 5184810541 is the phone number.

Information for the developer: There is no information about the developer of the web portal.

Delivery time: usually 5-8 days to ship the order.
Free Shipping Policy: Offers free shipping on all its products.
Standard Shipping: According to Mixkky Reviews, there is no standard shipping information on the website.
Social Network Logos: Social network logos are not available on the website.

Return Order Information: 30 day return service.
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and more. results:

Provide customer service contact information.
You have entered your support email ID.
He gave the required address for the office. problem :-

This website does not have social media logos.
Free shipping is not available.

Is Mickey Site Legit or Fake?

A website has some great features, but since it’s online, it’s important to ensure its credibility and authenticity. The following tips will help you determine if they are trustworthy.

Online portal status: Domain 07.01.2022. volts is the source.
Trust rating: This site has a negative trust score of only 2%.

Double data size: There is no data on the website.

Compensation: No information available on compensation amount.
Importance of Email ID: The online portal has provided a valid email ID.
Web Portal Location: Follow Mykiki conversations, business locations.
Social media presence: There is no information about your social media presence on your website.
Exchange option: web portal allows exchange of all orders.
Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank #6
Non-returnable services: Hazardous materials and flammable materials or gases are non-returnable.
Order cancellation information: Order cancellation service is not available.
Refund Period: All funds will be refunded to customers with good credit.
Terms and Conditions: There is a separate page for terms and conditions.

Mixkey explains:

There are no customer reviews or product ratings on this page. Alexa rank # 6525929. No social media logo on the portal website and no product customer reviews on social media or online platforms. Customers should ask: How can I get a refund from Paypal if they have been scammed?

Final thought

This website has no experience with online marketing. There is no buyer for the product. The trust level of the web portal is low. At the same time, there is no social platform logo on the web portal, no reviews of their products on social sites and online platforms like Mixkky reviews. This is a scam website and we advise buyers to beware of such websites. Customers should also learn: How to recover credit cards in case of fraud?

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