We give our readers an overview of the Magisale online store in the Magisale Post-Review.
Looking for accessories or clothes to create your own style? Interested in online shopping, today Magisale has become popular in countries like the United States. In Magisale you can see many products. They sell underwear, accessories, men’s shirts, polos, suits, sportswear and much more.

Not sure about Magisle’s legitimacy and reliability? Please continue reading the Magic Reviews post where we will discuss all information related to this store’s policies.

Check out the Magisale store

Many branded items and fashion items such as men’s shirts and polo shirts are offered by Magisale, an online company. Consumers are satisfied with the policy of affordability and engagement, which allows them to choose their favorite products without worrying about their budget. Incredible variety and flash discounts allow customers to save even more money. The following products are sold in the Magisale store:

Less wear and tear.
Indoor equipment.
Men’s shirts.
Polo shirt.
A simple exercise.
T-shirts by category.

Is magic legal? How can you assess the credibility of Magisale eCommerce sellers? The benefits of online shopping are endless as it makes it easy for customers to buy what they want and get the best deals on different brands. People don’t have to go to many stores to buy what they want; instead, they just absorb from the comfort of their homes.

Magisale store details

Shop polo shirts at: https://www.magisale.com/.
Email: Service@Magisale.com.
Address: 6-9 The Square Company Beimac Limited, Uxbridge, Middlesex, 6-9 The Square, United Kingdom, UB11 1FW.
Telephone: None.
According to Magisale Reviews, several websites have given reviews about the restaurant. And there are some reviews available about their legal treatment.
Return policy: Magisale Shop has a 30-day right of return.

Delivery policy: Delivery time is 7-25 business days from installation. Free shipping on orders over $79.00.

Payment methods: American Express, JCB, Maestro, Master Card, Discover, PayPal and Visa.

Highlights Highlights

Email address and retail address available.
Available on the Internet.

Major Bad Major

The owner’s name and ID and phone number are missing.
The calibrators are not available online.

Is magic legal?

Is Magisale a reliable company? Are you asking this question again? In this article we will discuss all the important points and all the problems. Before using this online shopping website, please read the information below.

Online registration: 20 January 2022 is the last day to register for Magisale. Not even seven months have passed since the website was registered.
Registration: Magisale Store is registered by Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a Artist HiChina.

The trust problem: Magisale stores only have 2 percent trust. So the website sounds unreliable and cannot be trusted.

Customer Reviews: According to Magisale reviews, a few websites have commented on their products. Because the official site does not have a rating tool, we cannot get a description of the content.
Social: The online store is only available on Facebook and does not seem very popular.
Customer Policy: The store has mentioned all its service pages and other information in the relevant section of the website, which makes the website reliable.
Anonymous Information: Information about the website owner’s name and phone number is not available.
Privacy Policy: This website uses the HTTPS protocol. Although this site looks trustworthy, you should be very careful

Magic reviews

Magisale customers do not have an opportunity to know the quality of the product on the website due to the lack of ranking features. There are very few reviews on Magisale’s social handles, which makes it questionable. On the website, customers can find information, including the company’s location and postal address. However, there is no owner identity or way to communicate. Use the site with care.

In the Alexa ranking, Magisale appeared with a very bad position. As a result, we are unable to verify this site. To learn more about credit card fraud, see This article.


At the end of this article, Magisale Reviews admitted to our readers that Magisale appeared with very low trust scores and looked suspicious; therefore it cannot be trusted. Consumers can learn more about PayPal fraud in this article. For more news about online shopping, check out this link.

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