Lynch Wardle’s article gives you comprehensive information about remote puzzle answers and a detailed definition of their word.

Are you a regular word puzzle player? Have you ever seen a double answer in a puzzle? If the answer is yes, then the reason is that certain words hurt some people’s feelings.

That’s why game developers care so much about the feelings of their players, that’s why word games are gaining more and more fans in Australia, Great Britain, Canada and the United States. So, in this article we will talk about Lynch Wardle.

Word game

Lynch’s word was a response to the March 18 word credit. The word “Lynch” is popular on the Internet for two reasons. As recently as 1955, a black man named Emmett Till was lynched to death. The US government also passed the bill on his behalf, he turned 81 on July 25.

In memory of him, the film “Till” was shot, the trailer of which was released on July 25. Another notable thing is that the New York Times censored some of the answers: agora, fiber, lynch, doll, slave, etc., so lynch is one of the censored words.


The word lynching has a deep history and etymology. It is based on a law known as the “law of lynching”; Refers to Virginia military officers Charles Lynch and William Lynch. The definition of the word is an extrajudicial execution of a crowd (a group of people); these acts basically kill a person without legal support, they kill a person by hanging.

People started using the word in the 19th century. It takes the form of a transitive verb. And it is commonly used in the legal department in many countries. Many countries have the problem of lynching.

Right word

Lynch is the word? Yes, this is a word with a wonderful etymology. People believe that the word originated during the American Revolution. The historical use of the word is to deal with punishment without trial. But basically the lunch is about illegal killing of people because of their conflict of interest on racial, religious, etc.

Today, legislators in every country pass laws against lynching. So, lynching is a word associated with social issues, that’s why people may have heard the term “anti-lynching law”.

Wordle words removed

Lynch Wardle, you might have guessed from the title that today’s answer is “Lynch”, but it’s not. The answer to the 402 word puzzle is “motto”. We can’t expect Lynch to be the answer to wordle games because the New York Times has deleted the word from their system.


The best way to design a game is to protect everyone’s feelings. So the game developers at Wordle do an extraordinary job, because lynching cases can happen on a daily basis. When Wordle uses it, it means they glorify the action.

As a result, while Lynch Wardle’s response was deleted, it would be nice if Lynch was removed from this world. For more information on Wordle puzzle answers

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