LifeCoin is a program that can turn your daily commute into work, work, work. There are many schemes that provide such income. So, before downloading this app make sure that it is legit or just a scam.

So I decided to look into this LifeCoin to see if it was really legit.

You can also get the inside scoop so you know what to expect and if the app is worth it.

Let’s take a look at all the features that Lifecoin has to offer.

What is LifeCoin?

LifeCoin is a pedometer that can reward you for walking. It is intended to encourage active use of the rewards on offer. A new program called SweatCoin looks brand new.

Yes, LifeCoin is definitely a legal system. Because searching the internet is useful. Now the question arises, is this the problem? To answer this question, we must first look at the revenue potential. This way you can better understand how the program works and get an idea of ​​the potential income.

So how to make money with Lifecoin.

Option 1 – Walk

The main way to earn LifeCoin is by walking. The idea is very simple. After installing the app on your mobile device, turn on your device’s GPS, record your location, and count your steps. Of course, this means that you have to carry your mobile device with you.

LifeCoin only counts GPS verified steps, so you have to count them at home. You can’t cheat the program and use something like a treadmill or shake your phone. The program can also distinguish between walking and driving.

You can earn a certain number of LifeCoins (their currency) based on your steps. Unfortunately, the exact number of LifeCoins that can be earned in each stage is not specified.

In my tests, it took 1000 steps to get one LifeCoin. So you can’t expect to get LifeCoins in some steps.

What you need to know about LifeCoin is that you need to turn on your device’s GPS to track your steps as described above. This means that the device usually uses more battery power.

Before you go camping, it’s a good idea to make sure your mobile device has enough battery power to keep track of your steps. During testing, it was found that the phone was completely broken. So the program does not lose my status. Recommended if you read this review and decide to use it.

How much money can you earn?

The amount you can earn with LifeCoin depends on how often you use it to track your steps. As mentioned earlier, it takes 1000 steps to get one LifeCoin. So it cannot be said that this program works well enough.

But you have to keep it in mind. Since walking has always been a part of our daily lives, LifeCoin offers a free way to earn money. So you need to disconnect the GPS from your mobile device and take it with you when you leave the house.

Sooner or later you will earn enough LifeCoins to be rewarded. However, don’t think that you can earn a lot of rewards in a short time because you need a large amount of LifeCoins.

So I don’t think the earning potential of this program is high overall. However, it is a passive form of income and has the advantage that there is no limit to the number of steps you can take in a day. So you have to be very patient. Finally you can get your desired reward.

Can I use it on my desktop?

You must use your mobile device to pay for LifeCoin to work. Since you have to do everything on your phone, it doesn’t make sense to use it on desktop as well, hence the above question can be answered. No, that is not possible.

There is a download link on the Android device site for the app, but it no longer works. I couldn’t find it even when I searched on Google Play. But the iOS download link still works.

I don’t know if the android version of the app is old or temporary. However, at the time of writing this review, LifeCoin is only available for iOS users.

Who can join LifeCoin?

LifeCoin is available from one side of the planet to the other. You can select as a section paying little regard to where you dwell. You just should be somewhere near 18 years of age to join.

To turn into an individual from LifeCoin, you need to introduce the application first. Then, you need to go through the enrollment cycle after the application is introduced. It will expect you to give your portable number during enlistment. Then, at that point, it will send you a SMS message that contains a code you want to contribution to finish your enrollment.

Whenever you are finished with the enrollment cycle, you can sign in to the application and begin procuring. Observe however that while LifeCoin is accessible universally, a portion of the prizes they offer are just accessible in specific nations. Along these lines, remember that when you are attempting to choose if you ought to utilize this application or not.

Might you at any point get support?

Assuming you have any inquiries concerning the application or your record, you can allude to the help part of the application.

Presently, on the off chance that you can’t find the responses you are searching for in their help segment, you can contact their help group utilizing the application. The contact structure on their site will just divert you to the engineer’s site and the contact structure gave on that site is just for individuals who are keen on their administration. Thus, it’s truly really futile in the event that you are a normal client that requirements support.

In general, I would agree that LifeCoin has a nice emotionally supportive network set up for its individuals since it offers a way for you to speak with their help group. Yet, I really do wish their site would give more data about the application and that it had a usable contact structure you could utilize. That would work on the general ease of use of LifeCoin, as I would see it.

Last Verdict

LifeCoin is a genuine step counter application that will remunerate you for strolling. It has several great elements however it likewise has a couple of inconveniences you want to consider.

Thus, let me wrap up this review by summing up its advantages and disadvantages so you can get an outline of what the application brings to the table. Like that, you can decide whether it is actually a solid match for you or not.





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