The post portrays the Latitudepay scam and the program.

Have you encountered a web-based scam as of late? There is likewise a scam in Australia advancing another program called Latitude Payforprinters.

Be that as it may, how does Latitude Pay influence extortion? Counterfeit or genuine, why new? To respond to every one of your inquiries, we should investigate what the Latitudepay scam is and why it gets detailed. Peruse the following segment to find out more.

Is LatitudePay a scam?

As of late, Afterpay in Australia has gotten private messages with affirmation codes. Message, SMS after installment without discount. Certain individuals get an instant message with a connection and a $30 markdown to allude a companion.

Numerous clients said it was a scam and didn’t tap on the connection. In any case, clients mistake Afterpay for Lattitude Pay and guarantee that it is a scam. This is a money application where you can without much of a stretch compensation your EMIs. This will be made sense of in more detail in the following segment.

Audits of Latitudepay

LatitudePay is a monetary application previously known as Octifi.
Renamed to LatitudePaySG.
The last form of the product was refreshed on July 19.
As indicated by research, this program is one more stage for making 0% interest Visas.
Also, the client should pay the section charge, extra expenses will be deducted.

Latitudepay Scam – Service Scam?

Web clients don’t utilize Afterpay and Latitudepay. However, I likewise got a message with an affirmation code. So we chose to investigate a few parts of Latitudepay and what our clients need to say regarding it.

The product is accessible on Google Playstore and has a rating of 3.6 stars. Yet, one client said the client care was poor, constraining them to spend almost an hour on the telephone. In the interim, different clients report that the application consumes a large chunk of the day to stack. As a rule, the presentation got both positive and negative surveys.

With regards to Latitudepay Contact, clients likewise notice unfortunate client support that consumes most of the day to answer their questions. In any case, the program is definite and research is suggested prior to utilizing it.


All data gave here is taken from the Internet and no cases are made in regards to the substance. The scam depends on a monetary program like Afterpay. In any case, this doesn’t have anything to do with Latitudepay and isn’t a scam.


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