The guide contains details about the Kyotobox online store and reviews to help the customer make a decision.

Need to rejuvenate your number one animation character in style? Searching for shows or excellence items for your existence with your number one person imprinted on them?

The store specializes in creating custom boxes with your favorite character. Artists and customers make each box by hand and can choose their favorite characters to print. But American consumers are looking at Kyotobox reviews before they buy.

What is Kyotobox?

Kyotobox is an online store that sells a variety of individually branded boxes. The store serves many customers in the United States. The store claims to offer useful packages to help you transform your home and living space. It promises to bring back more memories of your favorite heroes and characters than ever before.

The store specializes in unique gifts and souvenirs, making it a great choice for birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts. However, users are still unsure of its legitimacy and look for online reviews to find out if Kyotobox is legit or a scam.


Site Link:
Items: gifts, souvenirs and boxes
Payment options: PayPal, online wallet and credit card
Email ID:
Contact Number: Cannot be used outside of the contact form.
Address: The store address is not shown on the website

Email Newsletter: Subscription available for promotions and special offers

Eligibility Date: August 15, 2022, 10 days
Shipping Information: Orders are custom and take 5-7 business days to process after final payment. Once the order is completed and shipped, tracking information is shared. The delivery time varies from three to ten working days.
Return and Refund Policy: According to Kyotobox Reviews, orders can be returned within 30 days of delivery to the store if customers are not satisfied with the quality. Refund requests must be sent to your email address. Refunds will be issued upon receipt of the item and notification will be sent via email.

Available on the networks: the store has an active page on Instagram

Advantages of Kyotobox

Unique handmade boxes with your favorite characters
A perfect gift for a special occasion
A special box with your favorite heroes and characters
30 day money back guarantee on all products

Disadvantages of Kyotobox

The name of the owner is not revealed on the page
Phone number, address and other details are not available

Is Kyotobox legit or a scam?

Online shopping can be dangerous for those who have not checked the site before buying. Therefore, online evaluation and research is essential before purchasing to avoid scams. Below are the instructions.

The store is only registered for ten days, for one year on August 15, 2022. The title expires one year later, on August 15, 2023.
The site has reached a trust level of 1% weak trust. The brand is still new and has not received good reviews.

There are no Kyotobox reviews on the site. Feedback or reviews are not available online.

We found two different portals with the same domain name; The only difference is the US dot and the US dot in the URL. The fact that a website displays similar features and products influences buyers.
The page does not contain important information such as the creator, phone number and address.
There is only one social media page on Instagram.
The site appears to be safe and users should do more research to make a good purchase decision. Many websites make the page untrustworthy.

Customer reviews!

We could not find any reviews of Kyotobox online or on the official website. There are two different websites with the same features and products. One site,, has received both negative and positive reviews. However, we couldn’t find any mentions or comments on

Internet users are therefore advised to study and analyze the website before purchasing to avoid unnecessary scams. They should also read online guides on how to protect yourself from credit card fraud.


Kyotobox is an online store that sells handmade Japanese boxes and unique gifts with printed characters and heroes. It is a perfect gift for special occasions and will change the atmosphere of your living room.

However, there are no reviews of Kyotobox to confirm the legitimacy of the store; Therefore, we encourage readers to thoroughly research and analyze the website before purchasing. Users should also read the helpful PayPal error message guide.

Did you order a magic box from the store? Tell us your experience in the comments section.


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