This article gives foundation data on the missing Kevin McClam case and gives key realities about the case to assist perusers with figuring out the case.

Do you know the kid who vanished in 1997? Need data about missing people and examinations? In 1997, there were various missing people in the United States that were as yet perplexing by the specialists.

In this article, we will give you significant data about the missing Kevin McClam case and make sense of the examination report ready by the specialists at that point.

Who is Kevin McClam?

Alexander’s most memorable name is Kevin Lamont McClam. He was a missing young fellow who vanished from Southern California and from that point forward the police have not tracked down any association with the case.

It vanished on March 31, 1997, and is accepted to have been situated in Goose Creek. She was 14 years of age when she vanished and is presently 40 years of age.

Kevin McClam’s case has no further subtleties.

Kevin was most recently seen at his home on Naval Weapons Station Charleston, where he was serving in the United States Navy. As indicated by the report, Kevin’s folks were resting around evening time.

Relatives got up to find Kevin missing, tracking down no letters or indications of a battle in the room. The family called the police, and following two days of looking for Kevin McClam’s vanishing, they tracked down the garments.

The garments were found at a building site with paint stains and no indications of a battle.

Were there no observers during the cross examination?

An observer saw Kevin strolling around the evening before he vanished. As indicated by witnesses, Kevin was something other than shoes and fighters.

In 2006, the examination took a terrible turn when a man named Thomas McArdle was captured as the great suspect in the homicide of Kevin McClam. This came without even a trace of Kevin McClam.

Another man, Michael Morcroth, said he and Thomas McArdle killed the teen. Be that as it may, there was very little proof and no charges were brought against them.

What did Kevin McClam say when he vanished?

This is the very thing we got from the web and an examination concerning what happened when Kevin McClam disappeared.

Level and Weight – 5’7″ and 140 lbs.
Character: African-American male, dark hair, upper teeth, goes by the name “Alexander”.
Clothing – Long sleeved brown/white shirt, long white jeans and dark/white shoes.


On account of Kevin McClam’s vanishing, we saw that the police attempted to assemble data about Kevin’s vanishing, yet sadly the ideal outcomes were not accomplished. The episode of Missingitrim is as yet dubious and nobody realizes what occurred.

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