What happened to Jongo? Is this car accident the real Jongo? Please read the blog post below for the latest status.

Do you like to listen to Korean music? Known as K-pop, Korean music is now the most popular music in the world and has gained millions of new fans in every country of the world from West to East. BTS (from Bangta and Sonyen), Blackpink, Atez, and more. Such groups are K-pop icons in major countries such as the United States. Recently, however, Atez fans have been worried about their favorite singer and friend, Jongo, following news of a car accident. Jongo’s car accident For more on Jongo’s car accident

What happened to Jongo?

According to an official KQ Entertainment statement, lead singer ATEEZ Jongo met with a car accident. The CEO of the company made the announcement on his official Twitter account. In the statement, they said the singer has suffered a foot injury and the singer will not be able to perform at the following concerts. Since the news was made public, fans and supporters of Jongno have been concerned about the health of their favorite musician. Find out more about her fans’ reactions in the next episode.

Jongo car accident fans reaction to the accident;

Following the release of an official statement regarding Jongo’s condition as a result of the car accident, fans from various countries, including the United States, are expressing their support and love via social media. Following thousands of tweets, retweets and retweets, there are reports that Onongo needs to take at least 3-4 months off to maintain his health.

Many fans shared photos of Jongo saying, “Take time to recover. We are praying. Thank you. Various hashtags have become popular on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with “#getwellsoonjongho” being the most popular.”

Who is Chongho?

While researching the facts about Jongo’s car crash, I came across some surprising facts about this famous celebrity. If you know nothing about this artist, check out this article for more information. Jongo: Choi Jong Ho is a singer born on October 12, 2000 in Seoul, South Korea.

Libra with zodiac sign ISFP-T MBTI. Atez is the lead singer of the K-pop group. According to the wiki, one of the members is Mixnain and his younger brother. She told a press conference that she has been a singer since childhood and always wanted to be an icon because of her love for singing.

Jongo car accident details of the accident;

He had a previous shoulder injury. Soon fans worry about leg injuries. Fans around the world are sending their respect, love and condolences and praying for a speedy recovery. The shocking news shocked the entire K-pop world.


Choi Jung-ho (stage name Jongo) was recently in a car accident. He suffered a leg injury in the incident, sources said.


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