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John Aniston was a veteran actor who was the father of Jennifer Aniston. His daughter confirmed his death on November 11, 2022 via Instagram.

Curious about the cause of death? How old do you think he died? This news has spread widely in Australia, USA, South Africa and Canada. This article is about John Aniston’s Death Matters.

Is there a reason for their death?

It is comforting to know that John passed peacefully without any illness. His daughter also said so on Instagram. John, of course, died without any disease. We never heard about his illness because he was very secretive about his life.

John He died on 11.11.2022 at the age of 89. We learned about his death through Jennifer Aniston’s post on Instagram. The link is below the article. We saw that Jennifer wrote about her grief over her father’s death. It was perfect timing, he said. He said he was very thankful to God that John passed away without pain. In his post we see that he died of natural causes.

Jon Aniston Net Worth, Obituary and Funeral:

John Aniston died on Friday, his daughter confirmed. Friends, celebrities and fans offered their condolences to Aniston’s family. John worked on the drama series for many years and said he was saddened by the death of the late John Aniston. At the time of his death, his fortune was over $10 million. The link is at the end of this article.

John Aniston’s Children and Parents:

John Aniston was the third child of Stella Anastasakis (Greece) and Anthony Anastasakis (Greece). He was born to three siblings, Maria, Gustav and Helen.

They are blessed with two children by Sherry Rooney. He is the father of Alex Aniston, his son with Sherry Rooney, and Jennifer Aniston’s first wife, Nancy Dow.

Is John Aniston Married? girlfriend, wife;

John Aniston was married twice in adulthood. He has two wives: his first wife, Nancy Dow, and his wife, Jennifer Dow. Sherry Rooney is his second wife who gave birth to Alex Aniston.

John Aniston Wiki:

  • John Aniston, real name
  • His nickname is unknown
  • Date of birth: July 24, 1933
  • Age 89
  • Birthplace Chania in Greece
  • Professional actor
  • Alexa Aniston, children of Jennifer Aniston
  • Nancy Dow, Sherry Rooney

John Aniston Biography – Educational Qualification:-

John graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Theater Arts. In 2003, he joined the army as a scout. Over time, he rose to the rank of commander.


Jennifer Aniston lost her actor father on Friday, November 11, 2022. Read this article till the end. Click this link to learn more about John Aniston’s death.

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