Want to shop online hassle-free? Are you looking for an online store with a wide range of designer products? Then ivinde.com will help you here.

The website is an online store that supports standalone stores in countries like France, United Kingdom, and United States. It offers a unique, personalized and emotional experience to its customers. This is the opinion of ivinda.

What is ivinda.com?

Evinda is the online shopping destination you’ve been looking for. In other words, all production specialists influence the customer’s choice.

Evinda’s main brands include Nixie Tube and Punk lamps, clocks and more. Evinda’s place is very unique and beautiful. They are personalized.

Description of the pages

  • Phone number – We could not find a phone number on this page.
  • Company website – Communication cables are not available on site.
  • Email ID – Email ID not provided.
  • Year of the site – Evinda’s creation date is 02/25/2022, which means less than six months.
  • Payment methods – VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are the different
  • payment methods available on eVinda.
  • You can move the rule and delete it again.
  • Seller Response – No issues with the site.
  • Social Media – Social media icons are provided.
  • Report – Contains a report file.
  • Items – These range from Nixie Tubes and Punks to lights, clocks and more.
  • Delivery Orders – Within 12-20 business days the order will arrive at your location.

Good things from Ivinda.com

  1. According to the website, their products are professionally made and look great.
  2. Evinda’s interface is great, not bad, and the leveling is well done.

Bad aspect of this place

  1. We couldn’t find any Ivinda reviews on Trustpilot or the official portal.
  2. Evinda has been offline for six months and still hasn’t logged in.
  3. Owner information and phone number not displayed.
  4. Evinda is not on any social media page which is a big deal if a customer wants to know more about her.
  5. Closed policies are copied from other sources as they are stolen during authentication.
  6. There is not much change in terms of payout.

Symbols indicate whether a proof is true or false

  • Portal age – This site only displays 2 months and 12 days as of 25.02.2022.
  • Confidence level – 2% has an incredible amount of guarantee.
  • Expiry date – The expiry date is 25.02.2023.
  • Trust Rating – Trust level of 28.4 out of 100.
  • Social media links – The portal provides these codes but they don’t work.
  • Invalid Recommendations: Our process detected invalid ads.
  • Personal Information – Do not provide personal information.
  • Rules – Rules at the bottom of the page.

Frequently asked questions about this site

Is there a cheater in the house?

This site is a scam.

Is this page fake?

We think this page is fake.

Is Ivinda.com legit?

This site is illegal.

Is it a good idea?

We don’t think this place is safe.

You can find more information about scam sites here.


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