Want to know the truth about Zidmall? You can read the article below. Is Zidmall legit or a scam?

Do you want to know more about an online store that sells you fashionable and stylish shoes and street shoes? We are also investigating a website called Zidmall.

We discuss the basics and features, pros and cons along with customer reviews. The Zidmall website is located exclusively in the United States. In order not to waste your time, let’s start with this article. Is Zidmall Legit or Scam?

Is Zidmall a scam?

  • Address Originality Zidmall The Zidmall database address is not available in the Zidmall database.
  • Social Media Link Zidmall is not affiliated with any social media platform like Facebook,
  • Instagram and Twitter.
  • Data quality: Zidmall data is stolen and also data is copied from different websites.
  • Domain Age: Zidmall’s first online download date is 23/08/2022. The material shows that Zidmall was only recently online. It has a major stability problem.
  • End date: The end of the Zidmall website is 23.08.2023.
  • Customer Service Reviews – There are no customer reviews on Zidmall reviews on real websites.
  • Rules – The rules described on Zidmall are not exclusive.
  • Confidential Information – The Zidmall website does not provide this proprietary information.
  • Fake discounts are offered on Zidmall.
  • Trust Level 1 – This is a very low Zidmall trust score.

Around Zidmall

Zidmall is an online store selling women’s and men’s streetwear and shoes. In addition to shoes and boots, the site also has other items such as clothing such as shirts, jeans, shirts and more. So it is important to know if Zidmall is legit or a scam?

According to the Zidmall website, it is possible to buy sandals and shoes at a good price. Zidmall just launched online. It only works for two days and lasts less than a month.

Illustrations by Zidmall

  • Contact Number: The number through which customers can access the website is not available on Zidmall.
  • Zidmall Company Address The address that can help prove the legitimacy of Zidmall is not available on the official website of Zidmall.
  • URL link – Zidmall URL link is https://www.zidmall.com/.
  • Customer Reviews – According to research, there are no customer reviews on Zidmall.
  • Therefore, it is difficult to say whether Zidmall Zidmall is legit or a scam.
  • Email Address – Zidmall website support email for its customers is 47nj12j323123j99ssdn51c@fkitttttt.com
  • Payment methods: VISA, PayPal, American Express, JCB and Mastercard are payment options for customers through Zidmall.
  • Merchandise: Zidmall sells sneakers and streetwear along with apparel.
  • Social Network Links Social Network Links Zidmall is not affiliated with any social network.
  • Delivery Process – Your item will be delivered to your address within 7-8 working days.
  • Returns and Returns Policy – Specific policies must be followed when returning merchandise.
  • Newspapers – Check to get Zidmall Newspapers.

To find out if Zidmall Zidmall is legit or a scam, read its pros and cons.

Advantages of Zidmall

  • Various payment options are available on Zidmall.

Disadvantages of Zdmall

  • Evidence of website authenticity, such as company contact numbers and addresses, is incorrect or unavailable to Zidmall.
  • The interface of the website attracts the user’s attention, but the user interface of
  • Zidmall is not attractive.
  • The rules are not listed on the website and are taken from other websites.
  • Zidmall products have bad prices. Check out the great info.

Zidmall Consumer Business Reviews

From the analysis in the article above, there are no customer reviews on Zidmall because there are no customer reviews. So there is no contact with the customer.

The main reason is that Jidmall is a new site and its infrastructure is not very good. When you decide to buy a product from Zidmall, you should consider the details of the purchase.

Learn how to protect your money from PayPal fraud.

The word below

From reading Zidmall Legit or Scam, Zidmall Genuine or Scamwe articles, we can conclude that Zidmall is a questionable site because it has many bad aspects. All his faults tend to deceive. Learn the details of shoes. Keep reading and learn the best ways to keep your money safe in case a credit card is approved.

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