Rewardia is a pay-as-you-go (GPT) site that offers payment for various small internet based tasks.

From the beginning, this is really a safe site for extra pay.

Be that as it may, is Rewardia legit and really a scam?

It is important to realize this before pursuing any web-based rewards website because there are such countless destinations out there that are wasting your time and scamming you.

As for his reward, that’s not an easy answer. Because I’ve had great encounters with them and a few bad ones. I got compensated on this site yet even there I got scammed.

So you have to gauge all the advantages and disadvantages to understand whether it is risky for you to join or whether it is really worth your time.

This Rewardia audit does precisely that and takes a gander at all that the site has to offer so you know what to expect when you join. You can then choose whether to buy into this site.

What is Rewardia? What does it offer?

As referenced before, Rewardia is a GPT site and you pay to participate in various activities on the site.

To really evaluate your site’s earning potential (one of the main factors to consider), you really want to know exactly what your site’s earning potential has to offer.

This is the most ideal way to check whether a site is actually making cash.

Rewardia has made a short video that shows exhaustively the outcomes and how to achieve them. You can also read all the information underneath the video.

Choice 1 – Bonus Surveys

One way to earn rewards on most GPT destinations is to take paid reviews. Rivardia is the same.

How would you get compensated?

As you can see, you can earn focuses for all that you do at Rivardia. This is their platform cash.

You can exchange accumulated focuses for prizes.

How much cash can you earn?

The amount you can earn on Rewardia relies on how active your site is.

Contingent upon the coupons available on the site, you can earn matching focuses by finishing paid overviews. These are the best coupons to use on this site.

As referenced above, exercising or different activities won’t help by the same token. In any case, having suggestions is always great.

Rewardia search rewards are also adequately not to work on other search destinations.

So making cash requires a few patience and hard work.

Moreover, as I will explain later, I have already encountered that I cannot pay my own bills.

So read this segment after I explain what happened to you so exceptionally that as a part you don’t lose cash as I did.

Reward notification + complaint

Up until this point, Rewardia appears to be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Be that as it may, as I’ve said many times, I’ve had a quite bad involvement in them from that point forward.

After attempting it for the initial time and seeing that it actually works, I chose to prescribe the site to different visitors as a legit and fantastic site.

I can earn somewhat more because I utilized a referral program for this and it worked well for some time and gave everybody I heard a decent encounter.

Yet, when I attempted to call support for my next episode, something abruptly happened.

I have heard no reaction from them. Obviously I never attempted to utilize it because I owed $174, however after a couple of attempts I even found Skype addresses for a portion of my emails.

The last I heard they were investigating.

Obviously I composed again, yet no answer came. Overall, I think I’ve burned through 8-10 in the last 2-3 months, yet I’m avoiding discounts now.

The final decision

Rewardia is a GPT site that pays you for taking suggested actions. It has great features, yet additionally a few serious flaws that you ought to know about.

That’s the reason we’ve summarized the upsides and downsides to provide you with a clear idea of what the site has to offer so you can choose if you ought to proceed it.


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