Get all the information you need to find out if PolaPlanet is a scam or a scam. You can check the information above to make sure it is not a scam at the time of purchase.

Different shoes, clothes and accessories on the market to have a new look? We are talking about an online store that offers different products in the same store at the same time.

The digital version of this site is probably popular with people from all over the United States, but people are curious to know the truth about PolaPlanet Scam and its legitimacy. So check this information to verify the authenticity of this website.

Is PolaPlanet Scam a good digital site?

  • The digital version of the site was created on September 15, 2022 after its launch 25 days ago.
  • A comprehensive website analysis shows that the site has an incredible trust score of one percent.
  • Toll-free numbers or cell phones will not work.
  • This site is not designed for social media. Consequently, there is no image.
  • The Alexa rank is 9969525.
  • The name of the owner was not given.
  • Items can only be returned one day after receipt of purchase.
  • Refunds are issued within 5 business days.
  • Have customer rates on Polarplanet improved? nope.

What does this have to do with

The online shopping site offers unique items such as t-shirts, canvas shoes, sequins, clothes, and sequin butterfly shoes, among others. The main goal is to collect unique and unusual items. The site aims to actively connect and nurture close relationships with the design team and fashion leaders. Still need to know if Polaplanet is a scam or legit, read key sections to confirm legit.

Information from

  • One type of digital website is a business site with many features.
  • Merchandise Details – Variety of brilliant designer clothes and shoes.
  • Launch of the digital website -15/09/2
  • The digital site will be closed on September 15.
  • Digital Website URL –
  • e-mail address;
  • Free accounts are not available.
  • Physical address: Office no. 6O N 12TH FLOOR NO. 48 common property area
  • Delivery days – Estimated delivery time of 2 to 3 working days.

Read Polaplanet’s Reviews to evaluate its benefits

  • A wide selection of fashion accessories with all the necessary instructions.

The disadvantages of the online website

  • The address number and contact details of the owner are not available, which increases reliability.

Focused on Reviews

To our knowledge, we have not received any customer information. He also failed to sell his products to senior executives on social media. This is why we recommend that you read Learn PayPal Scams to protect your money.

Summary Statement

In our efforts to verify if this Polaplanet is a scam or legit, we found that it has a poor trust score. This estimate is based on a 1% confidence level. Therefore, we advise our customers to check carefully. Learn more about credit card fraud here.

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