Want to buy toys and electronics online in the USA? Want to buy electronics and toys online for less than $430? It’s great to find quality home electronics and electronic toys on a budget. You want to make a variety of choices when it comes to buying electronics and toys.

Licarca.com, an online store offering a variety of products at reasonable prices, is Licarca. Let’s find out below Is Licarca legal?

Is Licarca.com legal?

com Production at 07:51:58.
com Twenty-three and twenty-five months.
com Last updated: in nine months and five days from 29 October 2022 at 07:51:5
Licarca’s probability index has an alarming value of 1% .
Origin:com is founded in Iceland.
Questionable sites are close: 26/100.
Danger diagram 67/100
Phishing score 64/100
The malware score is 67/100
Spam score 63/100
Blacklist status: Licarca.com does not add any devices to the blacklist.
Communication security: com uses the secure HTTPS protocol.
No contact persons were defined; described in Licarca’s reviews.
Social Relations:com pages have no social networks.
Contact owner: authorized via online service with EHF privacy restrictions

Map: Map:

Licarca.com, an online store for home electronics and toys, sells 3608. The “About Us” section contains the history of 19 sites.

The “About Us” section describes the mission and goals and tries to convince users.

Licarca.com lists brands that begin with two small numbers. These include electronics, home improvements and toys. After that, they checked if Licarca was Legit

These are some of the more thoughtful electronics and toys:

Barrington 84 Inc . Roll and diagram
Plum Game Phobos 118 Metal Aid Dome
Studio Buds White Beats by Dr. Dre Beats
Fluke 90V to 1000V Continuous Voltage Meter
120V photoelectric smoke detector
Arlo Essential wireless smart phone


Buy toys and electronics online: https://licarca.com.
Social media links: not available on Licarca.com
Price: 29.99-423.99
Physical address: 2800 South, 192nd Street #108 SeaTac WA-98188, USA.
Customer posts, blogs and blogs: Licarca.com cannot support blogging. However, there are customer reviews and ratings to verify that Licarca is legit
Terms and conditions: Mentioned on Licarca.com, but many sites profiles.
Privacy Policy: Mentioned on Licarca.com but downloaded from many other websites.
Phone number (or) WhatsApp number: numbers only listed as (574)907-9592.
Stores Search:com has no physical stores.
Shipping: Within 10 days in the US and up to 10 weeks for international orders
Delivery: Licarca.com processing time is 5–7 business days.
Example: possible on Licarca.com
Cancellation Orders: Orders can be canceled within 2 hours of placing an order.
Return Refunds subject to 10% tax fee and shipping charge. This is a negative sign so you can verify that Licarca is Legit within 5 days of receiving the original payment method, refunds will be processed.
Conditions for return Toys and electronics must be returned in their original condition within 30 calendar days. For the customer to obtain a shipping address, you need to contact customer service.
Email address: support@licarca.com.
Payment method: Visa or MasterCard, AMEX and JCB.
Newspapers: Licarca does not support newspapers.
Private information: Hidden Service censors for the private server of the EHF database


Buy various electronics and toys at com
The Licarca website is designed for user convenience

Disadvantages noted by Licarca reviews:

The physical address of Licarca.com is different from the address shown on the map.
Licarca.com does not offer discounts or advertisements.
No return policy is applied

Customer reviews:

Licarca.com may be a scam according to three websites and four YouTube reviews. All the products on Licarca.com have been positive. These fake reviews are, therefore unable to be verified by Licarca.com.

There are three customer reviews on review sites giving Licarca.com a 1/5 star rating. Negative reviews indicated that the items were not supplied and that the check number was false.

Licarca.com accepts credit card payments.

End: .

Licarca.com is a scam and reiterated that Is Licarca Legit. Customers complained that they had not received their goods and that the customer service was unfair. They also got a fake tracking number. Licarca.com also has low credibility and an Alexa score (1,351,946). He also has predictability and threats and low health.


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