Ivanich scam or legit? Customers are ready to examine every detail of this item to ensure its authenticity. Please take this item with you.

Do you like Jordan? You can find Jordan clothing on the Ivanich website. Ivanich’s website. Location is in the United States. But is Ivanich a scam or legit? Customers want to know that it is really genuine because they can definitely buy something from this site. Go through this text carefully and write all the answers.

Know the legitimacy of this site

  • Trust Score: We give Ivanich’s website an IT score. Ivanich’s website. The page doesn’t seem to persist.
  • Recording Date: The recording date of the Ivanich Journey is the thirteenth month of 2022 in the Gregorian schedule. It was as of late discovered a couple of days prior.
  • Recorder – Ivanich. NameCheap, Inc. Registered by
  • Closing date: The thirteenth month of the Gregorian calendar 2023 is the search closing date. Ivanich seems.
  • Read customer: Zero Ivanich reviews available online at review sites.

Brief of Evaneich search

The store focuses on a variety of shoes. They only sell Jordans and various Jordan shoes, but a search returns all Jordan models.

  • Air Jordan One
  • Air Jordan Retro
  • Jordan for young people

Illustrations from Ivanich’s website

  • URL: https://evaneich.com/
  • Phone Number: Sales
  • Contact Email:
  • Location Information: Sale
  • Store Shipping Policy: Item takes thirteen to twenty five days to arrive. This includes
  • processing and delivery time.
  • Return Policy: Ivanich offers a 30-day return policy.
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Yankees, Discover, etc.

Good points

  • Free delivery on 2 pairs of shoes.

Negative marks

  • Reviews and social media accounts are not provided.

Evaneich Reviews

The site lists an email address because it is the only contact information. No other contact information is provided. The store has a selection of shoes for adults and children, but the collections do not have customer reviews. We could not find any reviews on online review sites. As for their Facebook profiles, their site is not hosted by any social network. Icons on their website only link to login pages. It looks like an untrustworthy online store. You want to be careful when setting up a sale at any online store and beware of MasterCard scams.

Last Decision

In this latest Ivanich scam or legit article, we found out that this store was discovered a few days ago. They want to increase the trust score. Because they have only one character. It looks like a dishonest shop. Remember how to protect yourself from PayPal fraud.

Does this article affect Ivanich? Ivanich shop? Do you have any comments?


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