Decide if is a scam or a reputable website by reading Drsdk review.

Drsdk is considered suspicious for the following reasons;

  • Many scams and websites can be found using parent company “Bin Estrella GmbH”. Our website has a list of websites that use this parent company. The main company is Bin
  • Estrella GmbH, but its address and name may change in the future. There are many similar sites.
  • Lots of alternative website information such as theme is associated with many problematic websites.
    On the policy pages, they mention that a specific website name is used instead. Comfort Kapok does not disclose information about its affiliation with this site, and legitimate businesses may forever assume affiliation with alternative sister sites.
  • Many square footage products are listed on the site at deep discounts. Scam sites often offer discounts to lure people into their scams. The following items are for sale Vintage King Ranch Estate Turquoise Cuff, Turquoise Cuff and Cuff, Turquoise and Coconut, Description: Vintage Turquoise Cuff and Pin Point, 5 Row Zuni, Vintage Mexican Clamp
  • Bracelet, Turquoise Bottom and Bottom Charm Bracelet with Mercury Surface. among others.
  • It is not possible to find a social network account associated with the social network site associated with the organization. Legit online merchants sometimes provide social media icons associated with their social media pages, groups or profiles. Social media does not reach.
  • Here, multiple online retailers selling similar products, complaints about product quality, delivery time and customer service are measured.


From the above, we can conclude that the online appearance of Drsdk is suspicious.

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