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Dethvrt is an online store that offers various kinds of gadgets that people need for their daily needs. This place has reached the Americans. United States and prefer to buy this product in online stores.

On this site there are many types of equipment that can be used to complete various events, including grill heaters, mountain bikes and many other options. Customers can find more information in the Legal Business and Certification section of

Is a legitimate e-commerce site?

The site offers customers attractive offers and there are many options for customers. However, whether that is true or not is debatable. Taking into account the points below and getting the best information on the website, the answer to this question will be easy.

Domain Age: Site age is 27/07/2021. It’s less than a year.
Reviews – We haven’t found any reviews on this site.
Alexa Rank – The site’s overall Alexa rank is zero.
The details have been stolen and are no longer available.
Home Address 706 SW 6th St Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Pines Florida, 33027 USA
Social Media Links – There are no Facebook or Instagram URLs listed on this page.
Offers that are indirect and have no perceived value are exposed.
Owner Contact Information – No information available about our page.
This website looks like a scam and we advise people not to trust this website as this website is not authentic and legit. Information may be collected from the legal department of Is

Related to Dethvrt com

Dethvrt Com is a website that offers a wide variety of versatile items such as mountain bikes, security cameras, mini fridges and more. All of this is important to facilitate our daily activities. A website is an asset, but is it really an asset? We are here to answer all questions that arise in the minds of customers.

Environmental characteristics

Domain Age – Domain owner was born one year ago on 27/07/2021.
Social media photos not available. Facebook or Instagram links are available to answer whether is legit or not.
Categories – versatile items used in everyday life.
Email –
Address: 706 SW 6th St Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Pines Florida, 33027 USA.
Return Policy – ​​This site has a 30 day return policy.
Refund Policy – There is no specific refund date.
Payment methods include credit card options including PayPal.
The site’s shipping and handling policies promote free shipping.

Site results

This site offers various listings at affordable prices.
These items can be used outdoors, for picnics, as well as for various water sports.

Results based on whether is clearly legit or a scam

This site is very poor in terms of reliability, which is very disappointing because customers cannot trust the website without problems.
The website does not offer discounts on these items, which means that the customer may be disappointed when purchasing the item.
The website lists an email address, but it’s not real.

Customer research

This site does not accept reviews from US customers, so we cannot comment on customer satisfaction levels. We don’t even know if our customers buy goods from this site or not. There is no evidence that Dethvrt reviewed HTML1 statements regarding the legitimacy of the site and warned users against buying anything from this site.

It is recommended that people learn about respirators and how to use them in water sports. Customers are also encouraged to learn how to request a full refund on the PayPal website.


From this discussion the website cannot be trusted and you should not trust the website to buy any item. You can buy things from other websites and fulfill their needs.

The public can read legal information about Is, during which users are advised to read and comment on the steps to obtain a full credit card refund.


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