Brand surveys promise to reward you for your surveys.

But is Brand Search a scam, or is it really a legitimate and popular search site?

Let me just say once that this is a legitimate site that has been with members for several years and is being paid for.

However, this does not mean that it is of much use.

This in-depth brand research will take a look inside and help you answer this question and show you what to expect so you can decide for yourself if this is the right way to go.

What is brand research and what does it offer?

In short, it is a website that offers rewards for all your searches. Unlike other Get-Paid-To sites, branded surveys allow you to earn money by taking online surveys by default. It was called MintVine, but a few years ago it was called Market Survey.

To redeem your rewards, you need to accumulate points until you reach the minimum required (more on that later) before you can start using them.

As mentioned earlier, this is actually a legitimate site that pays you, and branded surveys are safe to sign up for. But to make sure it’s worth the time, you need to take a closer look at what this action can do for your users.

There are several ways to score points in a fire investigation.

We created a video tutorial to show you how it works and how to use Brand Research. You can also read all about the video below.

Option 1 – paid surveys

Paid surveys are at the heart of brand surveys.

You can often find surveys that you can do daily. Each survey depends on the duration of the survey.

The best thing about the branded survey view of available surveys is that it immediately tells you how many points you can earn per survey. So, if you’re short, you can choose which one to buy.

Save a little research and you will be well rewarded for your time.

The basic survey found on the dashboard after registration is a great way to monetize your brand survey and something to check once registration is complete.

Option 2 – Daily voting

You can also earn points by answering daily surveys in brand surveys. It only gives you 5 points, but it takes a few seconds to complete. So you can’t really complain.

However, this is not the best payment option, especially if you have a fire investigation that you basically have to get.

If you already have one, it’s a nice extra option to quickly connect.

How are you paid?

The beauty of brand research is that you can find anything you want and offer multiple payment options.

If you prefer to pay directly into your bank account, you can pay via BrandyPay, a bank transfer service.

You can also go to PayPal and receive payment through your PayPal account.

Personally, I like surveys that pay through PayPal. Because it’s a quick and easy way to make money. I think these are very positive here.

You can also buy gift cards from Adidas, Amazon and many other online stores.

The exact number of gift cards you can choose from varies from country to country (more information on countries can be found later). But overall, they offer a variety of gift cards to choose from.

You can also donate the points you earn to charity. These points are converted into real money. So if you’re feeling generous, you can go this route. I like this option because it’s a feature that most other search sites don’t.

Recently, market research lowered the withdrawal limit from $10 to $5, and now you can spend as little as $5 in income. This is a significant enhancement from the very low withdrawal limits and specifications.

Brand surveys usually have a payment option, which is definitely one of the strengths of this survey site.


Can you get support?

Here’s where I think Branded Surveys has its bases covered. Most study destinations don’t have a Knowledge Base page. So it leaves individuals who experience issues hanging.

Yet, Branded Surveys has a very thorough Knowledge Base in their support segment, which is a decent addition. That means they assist their individuals with fixing the issues they experience themselves. Only one out of every odd site does that, so this is a gigantic in addition to.

Most issues can be settled by essentially utilizing their insight base. And if for some reason, you can’t determine it all alone, you have the choice to contact them by email. I have been in contact with them myself and have gotten fast answers which is always a great sign.

So overall, Branded Surveys has great support choices in the event that you ought to run into issues.

Final Verdict

Branded Surveys is most certainly not a scam. It is as legit as it gets and offers legit payout techniques, including real cash.

And as you’ve probably seen, I am dazzled with how they present the available surveys as it assists with the transparency of the platform. It also allows you to invest your energy wisely as you can easily get an outline of the surveys, which is a gigantic reward.

Yet, it also has its shortcomings. So to assist you with getting a superior outline before choosing to join or not, we should finish this survey by summarizing its upsides and downsides.


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